4 mg Rapa every 10 days - Seeking Feedback on my Overall Supplement Stack

Would love critical feedback on my stack – What am I missing – what should I consider deleting – what’s an antagonist of something else I’m taking – what’s synergistic – how are these doses?

Rapamycin 4 mg every 10 days – 4 months into this . . .
Metformin 250 mg morning and night 15 years into this . . .
Glycine 2-3 g throughout day
TMG 1 g
NAC 1800 mg per day
CaAKG DoNotAge 800 mg
Sirt6 activator (Fucoidan) DoNotAge 800 mg
Aspirin 85 mg per day
Soluble Fiber 35-40 g per day
Apigenin 500 mg per day
EPA/DHA from Fish Oil – 10-12 g per day
BROQ Sulforaphane - 20 mg per day
Creatine 5 g per day
L reuteri; L plantarum; Ankkermansia probiotics daily
Melatonin 1.5 mg nightly
Lithium 1 mg
DHEA 25 mg
Luteolin 100 mg
CDP Choline 100mg
Magnesium (as Magnesium Threonate) 144 mg
Spermidine 1 g (spermidine rich wheat germ extract – net spermidine content unknown)
Vitamin D 2000 iu
Benfotamine 150 mg
Astaxanthin 8mg
Curcumin 100 mg
L-Carnosine 1000 mg
Grape seed extract 100 mg
Glucosamine 400mg
Zinc Picolinate 30 mg
ALCAR - 1.2 g
Pycnogenol 100 mg
Fisetin 100 mg daily with 1g megadose every other week
Pterostylbene 50 mg – no Resveratrol – no Quercetin
TUDCA - 1g
Boron 3mg
Taurine 1g
Timeline Urolithin A 500 mg
Kaempferia 100mg
Life Extension Ageless Cell (EGCG, NAC, Myrecetin, Gamma Tocotrenol) - 1x per day
Life Extension Longevity AI Blend (GLA, Ginseng, Withaferin A) 1x per day
CoQ10 Ubiquinol form 300 mg
Niacin 300mg


That’s quite a stack! First thoughts…

10-12g of fish oil. That’s quite a bit! But not necessarily bad.
100 mg of lithium? You mean mcg?

Think about replacing CoQ10 with ubiquinol. Similar but better.

Have you done an epigenetic age test?


that stack makes me nauseous just looking at it. It stop taking all these things and just limit myself to the below and increase dosage of rapamycin to 6-8mg


It is nice to see someone who is not obssessed with weeks. I still think Rapa every 10 days is too frequent, however.

I am not a fan of Aspirin because it is a cox-1 inhibitor which undermines endogenous production of prostaglandins such as Melatonin.

An important point on pineal melatonin is that it is either all, mainly or materially injected into the third ventricle of the CSF hence the calculations as to how much is endogenously produced as not reliably as they rely on the serum measurements. My hypothesis is that a lot more is provided to the brain and then to mitochondria than is estimated.

I am pleased to see Boron. I also am one with the 3mg level.

Personally (188cm 81.60kg) 3000iu D3 daily in the morning is insufficient to keep my 25OHD levels near the upper end of the range so I additionally supplement with 25OHD as they drop down towards 100 nmol/L. I like to be in the 180-220 range because lots of genes depend on 1,25 DiHydroxy Vitamin D.

If the Zinc PIncolate is elemental Zinc it may be a bit high when taken with diet as well, but if it is the overall salt then maybe not. I think Zinc is quite sensitive.

I would measure your copper levels and check your MCV. You probably don’t eat that much chocolate so you may end up being a bit copper deficient and zinc can displace copper. This could kick up your MCV a bit.

What fiber do you take?

There are quite a few that I don’t take, but I don’t have good enough evidence as to argue why not.


Check your units. Mine are nanomoles per litre.

My website does conversions.

These are my values for this year:

90		168		116		419		337		209		359		257		225		198		185		174.55		185		120.7		120.08		160		170.2	3000+10xded	185.35	odd result maybe sun			147		123		108	less sun basic 3000iu	184	15 drops 25OHD each day	165.69				139.81				144.78	odd result given no 25OHD			143.98				123.83	needs some 25OHD	209.93	upper 220	174		147.18		153		147		195.29	finished off a couple of bottles of dedrogyl no quantities			205.58		220.15		137.7		235.64		230.76

You will see I had a particularly high 419 when I stopped taking any extra D3 it went down in a week to 337. I would be interested in what happens at a level of 300 or 400 nmol/L, but that may have some risks. Hence I am not inclined to run at that level.

My current lab has a normal range of 75-250.


As you can see I did have some period when I was over 250nmol/L. I did not identify a problem and D3/25OHD was consumed at a rate of 100nmol/L a week. Some may be burnt as 24,25 di Hydroxy Vitamin D, but there is an argument that this is not just a waste pathway, but has some active functions. However, I have decided that I want to be around 200 really.

Most Vitamin D research is pretty useless as it links consumption to outcomes when it should link serum level to outcomes and separately consumption to serum level.

There are even papers which give a bolus quantity of D3 on a monthly basis. This may be good for compliance, but is no good for science.

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Thank you for the feedback! Lithium is 1000 mcg Life Extension 1 capsule - which is 1 mg I believe . . . I’ve seen folks talking about 5 mg here recently - has me thinking.

On the Fish Oil (its Nordic Naturals by the bottle no capsule) idea is to balance Omega 3 & 6 consumption – I eat 6-8 ounces of sprouted organic Walnuts every day and was concerned about the Omega 3/6/9 ratio. Planning a 1st epigenetic test in January – functionally things seem very good – 63 y/o - 18 BMI - 37 VO2 max - 52 RHR. Thanks again.

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From a longevity perspective lithium concentrations should be quite low. 1mg would be OK, maybe up to 20mg, but much less than the mental health quantities. I would suggest testing for serium lithium to get an idea as to what is going on.


I would concentrate on gut microbiome, a mix of psyllium husk, fiber, collagen, probiotics and butyrate probably would trump all the listed supplements you have.
I have to smile when I see people actually buy the Sirt6 “activator” from do not age…This is grounded up bladderwrack seaweed, they sell for $1 a pill :slight_smile:


You have done a lot of work on this and spared no expense, good job. I’m a little jealous, though I’ve been trying to cut down from swallowing so many pills.

The only thing I see that I was worried about is the Spermadine from wheat germ. If they extract the Spermadine only then it’s ok and all is well. I worry about people taking wheat germ (whole from the grocery store) because it has a bad lectin (wheat agglutinin) that really wrecks the barrier function of the gut. This can increase your microbial burden. One of the main points of using Spermadine is to improve barrier function.

Otherwise I think it’s great!


PS – Check and the CoQ10 is Ubiquinol – Life Extension brand - thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback – I am a bit concerned about oxidation of the Fish Oil as you mentioned – challenge of course is farm raised Salmon is terrible for you and I hate sardines!

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Super helpful – thanks!

Yes – there’s are others occasionally mostly nootropics – my mother passed from Alzheimers so I’m super interested in what’s proven there – I do take Life Extension Cognitex blend that has many of the supplements on your spreadsheet. I take Piracetam episodically when I really want my verbal fluency at 110% – but not regularly.

I’ve read from William Falloon at LEF about aspirin concerns and had it out of my stack for years – just added it back after reading a positive study and idea it increases caffeine half ( or cAPM) half life and i’m try to get to single digit body fat – will likely cut back to every other day on this at most.

Why no Mg Threonate later in the day?

I was taking 10-15 mg of melatonin fr years – just cut back to the 1.5 mg – no good rationale – just listened to something from Dr. Brad Stanfield and this is closer to his dose.

No Prostate supplements at this time . . . keeping the DHEA low at 25mg can help maybe prevent aromatization to DHT and estrogen – my PSA is super low.

Diet is nearly pure carnivore keto – plus a LOT of soluble fiber – 10/14 Intermittent Fasting (10 hr eating window. Striving for zero glucose and absolutely zero fructose.

I’m not sold on Metformin either but I figured at only 500 mg per day risk is low . . . and I thought RAPA is shown to affect Glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity and Metformin and Acarbose are synergystic.


I agree with this. I don’t want to come across as too harsh, everyone makes their own choices/decisions. In my opinion the vast majority of your stack is just turning into expensive pee.
For the amount of money you’re spending on this, you could easily have very good organic premade salads daily. Which would take care of the majority of your essentials if you’re eating it along with a healthy diet.

For me, there’s very few supplements that have proven benefits when taken alone. The list is fairly short and should mostly be used based on what you might be targeting in lifestyle.

Creatine - In general is great, can take it pretty regularly with little breaks. I still give my body a break from time to time, especially if I’m peaking for an endurance race and need to drop a few pounds.

Beta Alanine - I take this if I am doing some middle distance or HIIT event where I need to buffer lactic acid more efficiently. It works super well in a 12 week peaking cycle.

Rapamycin - This one is new to me, but the science seems pretty clear and that’s why we’re all here.

Most other stuff I do my best to get via diet, including omega 3s.


Thanks John.

Seeing a couple of folks concerned on aspirin so rethinking that . . .

MCV, Hematocrit, etc all within range but often near high end.

Appreciate the Vitamin D insights!

For fiber I take generic Psyllium husk (Brad Stanfield has a great YouTube video on this) - Modified Citrus Pectin - Garden of Life Raw Fiber Blend and also a bit of Glucommonan.

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Thanks John – I was figuring the LEF was thoughtful in their selection of 1 mg Lithium as the recommended daily dose nd capsule size . . . . I’d not seen any studies on dosage effects.

Agree 1000% on gut microbiome – just started in the last year making this a top priority – thus the L Reuteri, L Plantarum, Akkermansia and all the soluble fiber – as I’ve never focused here before expecting lots of synergistic effect.

LOL on the SIRT6 supplement – pricey yes – and you can get Fucoidan (same ingredient?) from Life extension much cheaper.


Spirit of your point very well taken – expensive pee is one thing but high kidney load is my big concern – That’s part of why I’d like to find 4-5 to cut and aspirin based on what what I’ve read above is high on the to cut – already cut quercetin and resveratrol . . .

I was taking Beta Alanine with the Creatine as a pre-workout - – but just cut that from my stack last week – any longevity science to Beta-Alanine . . . I understand it degrades to L-Carnosine which I take 1000mg per day.


Don’t know where I read it because it was many decades ago, but a Frenchman said: Americans have the most expensive p*ss in the world.
The shotgun approach is both expensive and probably dangerous.


I take some Psyllum Husk, but i think chia seeds are really good. I aim for 25g per day.

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