24 year old tracking metrics for rapamycin

I am just starting a thread for myself to post my blood work metrics and levine phenotypic aging data as I begin to take rapamycin.

Def. Albumin Creatinine Glucose CRP Lympocyte Mean Cell Volume Red Cell Dist Width Alkaline Phosphatase White Blood Cells Age
Input 4.8 1.07 90 0.55 35.8 92 11.9 61 6.09 24
Units mg/dL mg/dL mg/dL mg/L % fL % U/L 10^3 cells/mL years
Conv 10 88.4 0.0555 0.1
cInput 48.00 94.5880 4.995 -2.9004 35.80 92.00 11.90 61.00 6.09 24.00
cUnits g/L mmol/L mmol/L Ln(mg/dL) % fL % U/L 10^3 cells/mL years
Wts -0.0336 0.0095 0.1953 0.0954 -0.012 0.0268 0.3306 0.0019 0.0554 0.0804
Terms -1.6128 0.8986 0.9755 -0.2767 -0.4296 2.4656 3.9341 0.1159 0.3374 1.9296
t 10 years 120 months
g 0.0076927
b0 -19.9067
LinComb MortScore Ptypic Age est. DNAm Age est. D MScore date of test 03/7/2022
Results -11.5691 0.002 16.22 16.15 0.002
![image 690x257](upload://cGxINUgMMcOrsk3B1yBPC5A1Ngh.png)

Blood work wise the only concern I have right now is my LDL cholesterol ( although I want to get my apoB and LDL-P concentration checked before I become really concerned about it) . I didn’t post this information because I didnt want to bomb this thread with blood work data lol
Let me know if there is any other blood work you would like me to check or post as I go through all of this.

I started 1mg rapamycin today. I will continue to post updates as I go through the journey


I for one would like to see more blood work data, especially before and after sirolimus dosing with various dosages.

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Just my opinion: If you are only 24 years old I don’t see how you will see any subjective changes. I would just take lower dosages for many years. As I tell my friend about taking supplements, they are not going to fix something that’s not broken.


I agree with @desertshores , at age 24 people trying rapamycin should go slow. Lots of research will come out over the coming few years on rapamycin and you are unlikely to lose much by waiting, watching and reading about higher dose protocols as results are published.

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I have more blood work, Such as lipid panel, insulin, CMP, urinalysis, etc but like I said I did not want to overwhelm the forum. I agree they arent going to fix wha’ts broken, instead my goal is to delay the breaking (if not completely prevent it). I am more interested in rapamycin for healthspan benefits , not so much lifespan

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I definitely plan on going slow, I will stay at 1mg for a month, then move to 2mg , then end around 3mg before I cycle off the rest of the year

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Just adding that tomorrow I am getting my Lp(a), CRP High sensitivity, and NMR lipoprofile done. I will post results when i get them. I did take rapamycin this morning so interested to see how those numbers will turn out


CRP was 0.5, so that was good. But I just got my Lp(a) back and it was 169nmol/L, which is high .

Here are my NMR values
any advice

are you eating a lot of saturated fat, like butter/mct oil?
for some people (myself included) butter in my coffee made my ldl skyrocket, but came down significantly once i stopped it

Nope, I mean my diet hasnt been as healthy as of late( in terms of eating out) but I do usually pick relatively healthier foods. I do not like butter and dont usually eat too many saturated fats

Doctor put me on 10mg Crestor daily for now as I also get other lifestyle changes done. I plan on taking Rapamycin still during this time.
Also was told to increase aerobic training and more aggressive low fat, low cholesterol diet if needed

Currently I do 4-5 days of anaerobic training, and 2 days of zone 2 training before leg day lifts.
I may start doing zone 2 training 4 days a week before my lifts.


I wonder if you have FH

Took 1mg of rapamycin (3/16/2022) in AM with no food , did not eat until 4 pm and no exercise today
felt no side effects

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May I ask what’s the logic of taking rapamycin with no food?
It seems that rapamycin has poor absorption without food and oil, can you share your reason behind that?

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No logic, More convenience.
I just didn’t eat much of that day because I was busy. I just took it with athletic greens and coffee in the morning. The amounts I am taking right now is miniscule, so I don’t think the absorption is something to really worry about right now. When I start taking higher doses , I will probably change how I take the rapamycin.


I suggest tracking blood sugar, triglycerides and iron status. Also, some weight loss is beneficial for most people…but rapid weight loss is cause for alarm. My new book titled Rapamycin, mTOR, Autophagy & Treating mTOR Syndrome will be published in mid-April. To pre-order, go to: RAPAMYCIN mTOR AUTOPHAGY & Treating “mTOR Syndrome” - Life Extension.


I do have blood sugar, triglycerides and iron blood work on me but did not post it as again I did not want to overwhelm the thread.
I will definitely monitor weigh though and check out your book!

Took 1mg 3/23/2022 in the AM with coffee and protein shake. no side effects or headache like before

Update: So about 5 days after taking rapa, I got a canker sore on the top of my lip, outside of that, no issues

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Took 1mg today with morning shake and coffee.
Update(4/1/2022) I had a sore upper gum and found two canker sores on my upper gums towards to top of my lip. These have been here for a couple days now. they aren’t painful but I did notice them.

when one starts getting the canker sores, how do they usually go about taking rapamycin the next period? do they wait 10 days instead of 7 , do they lower the dose? I am only taking 1mg right now but had gotten the canker sores with my last dose.