Zydus Price Comparison

I’m about ready to place this order. Wondering how it compares. (84 6 tablet strips, Zydus Sirolimus 1mg)

“Ok sir 5.60 usd ×84 +35usd
506usd total”

(post deleted by user)

I am quoted $5.60 per 6 tablet strip. Which is less than $1!

“84 6 tablet strips”

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Good price! Sorry that I made a mistake.

What is the name and link to the supplier?

I recommend anyone who is looking to buy to contact at least half a dozen resellers from the list (and recommendations from people further down in the thread): Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

What happens (or seems to happen) is that whenever a single vendor gets some contacts from customers (e.g. people like us) - they seem to raise their prices, hoping to get someone who will pay a higher price… so always shop around. Prices change a lot, from vendor to vendor and from week to week.

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That is exactly what I did. I went in circles with five different vendors for several days until they started saying “we can’t beat that price”


Is Zydus Sirolimus Siromus Tablet, 6 Tab at Rs 450/strip in Delhi | ID: 19168590712 legit

That looks a different box. It does not mean it is not legit, however.

That’s image is the old box design for zydus, it’s something I got a few years ago when I first started rapamycin.

That price seems suspicious, I suspect that if they are selling it legitimately they will adjust the price upward when you ask about availability.

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Quote :

“504 tablet ( 84 strip ) of Siromus 1 mg tablet
Including all taxes and shipping to CHINA by Indian air post is $ 461.8”

This is my Zydus purchase price.

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I ordered 60 tablets of Sirolimus Zydus for 100USD including shipping costs from apple pharmaceuticals India!

You can always negotiate the best possible price!

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