You are only as young as your oldest part...I now have all my stats pre starting Rapamycin

My chronological age is 53.4
TruAge Diagnostic say my Intrinsic Age is 61.8 (ouch)
But my Levine PhenoAge is only 45.6
This sort of goes hand in hand with a VO2Max test saying I’m the equivalent of the average 24 year old (or one step away from an elite athlete of my own age), whilst I have arthritis in one of my finger joints! (and thats with hs-CRP of just 0.08)

So what age am I ? Who do you believe?
The only conclusion one can draw from that is you are only as young as your oldest part.

Other stats - A CAC score of zero and from the uploaded spreadsheet (if it works) you can see elevated LDL and ApoB a bit on the high side (other lipid levels are good). Family history with the heart is extremely poor (and from an ECG I am in the first stage of that going wrong) hence wanting to do the Rapa for protective purposes before anything bad happens. My BP had gone too high but non-medical interventions have brought it back down into the 120/80 range or thereabouts.
phenoage_gen-1.xls (41.5 KB)

I’ve started my Rapa journey - all the above will be repeated after week 35 (fortnightly doses having escalated over that time from 2mg to 15mg (but no GFJ or fatty additions) using the Zydus Siromus brand supplied by Varun Medicals).
Having heard that Grape Seed Extract is good for alleviating arthritic pain I’m also now taking some of that as well, my state doctor wants me to take 20mg Atorvastatin to get the LDL down, (will try to get OxplApoB or OXLDL measured at some point as posted elsewhere) but apart from reducing my protein intake a bit all other dietary aspects and exercise regime will stay the same so with hopefully not much in the way of variables, we’ll see what Rapa is really capable of.

Once the 35 week results are in I’ll update this thread unless anything else notable crops up in the meantime.

All comments/suggestions are welcome.


Look at / review information on boswellia. And look into DMSO, on another thread I post a PDF copy of a medical book titled;

“Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) in Trauma and Disease” by Stanley W. Jacob

You have some very interesting markers.

A CAC of zero is excellent, when was this done? Re VO2, are you high endurance exerciser?

EGFR - 67 That seems low for someone 53 yrs old and healthy and taking Rapamcyin.

HDL - 93 mg/dl, that’s super high. Always been this high?

Your TG/HDL of 0.56, and remnant cholesterol of 0.2 mmol/L is EXCELLENT (maybe a reason you have a CAC of zero).

You say you have a hsCRP of 0.08, but yet your IL-6 (rarely see this tested) is 38.2 pg/ml, that’s very high.

This reference shows level should be < 5 pg/mL. Rapamycin?

The mTOR kinase inhibitor rapamycin enhances the expression and release of pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin 6 modulating the activation of human microglial cells

“All together these data suggest that the inhibition of mTORC1 in human microglia by rapamycin results in complex immunomodulatory effects, including a significant increase in the expression and release of the pro-inflammatory IL-6”

But I thought Rapamycin was an immunosuppressant, lowering IL-6?

“Rapamycin inhibits protein synthesis, delays aging, reduces obesity in animal models, and inhibits activities or expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-2, IL-6

Because of your LDL? But your other cardio risk markers are EXCELLENT and you have a CAC of zero!

What is your diet?

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Just to reiterate, all of those blood tests, CAC score, VO2 Max etc were done in the last couple of months prior to starting the Rapa. So no Rapamycin effects on any of these.
Like you I don’t understand why hsCRP so low and IL-6 so high. My CRP has consistently been low so no reason to suggest this is incorrect but I wonder about the IL-6 result.

My aerobic exercise only consists of 3 x 1hour per week of zone 2 and one 15 minute HIIT session. All other exercise is weight training. The weights I’ve been doing all my adult life, the HIIT was started about 7 years ago and the zone 2 was started only 2 years ago. Prior to this I would be very quickly out of breadth when running for anything - It just shows what a difference exercise can make no matter what age one starts doing it.

Again the EGFR is measured pre Rapa - my private MD thinks my kidney function is the priority where we have work to do.

HDL started edging up over the last 7 years but really jumped up when I ditched the seed oils and only used either olive oil or lard. Again, that switched also induced the move up in LDL a similar amount to the HDL. (State doctors are overworked with no time to think so its just follow the play-book with them - LDL up so take a statin. At least my private MD is looking into trying to get my OXplAPOb or OXLDL measured before taking a view).
In general, because of my family heart history, I’ve always tried to eat healthily, though it was only in the last couple of years I’ve learned what that really means!!
Diet now attempts to avoid all sugar types and refined grains (not always possible when eating out), and I’d characterise it as being very high in fibre, fermentable foods and fish compared to the average. Lots of nuts, seeds and herbs & spices would be the other standouts. The other way I’d characterise it is trying to eat a small amount of as many different food types as possible each day (no known study on this being beneficial, just a personal hunch), whilst utilising an 8 hour feeding window.
(Am now gradually cutting back on meat consumption).

Hi Joseph - I’ll make a note of the Boswellia and DMSO and look at that if the grape seed extract has no effect.

Thanks for your interest.

Many positive lifestyle interventions, and forward thinking “baselining” pre rapamycin. Good luck in your journey, keep us posted on how rapamycin impacts.

Your VO2 max, you also actually tested this metric as well?

Would be curious on your IL-6 discordance with such a low CRP.

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Yep VO2 Max tested at same time as doing the blood tests just a few weeks ago.

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Forgot to mention monitoring HRV which has been in mid 60’s pre first dose, though it came to my mind this morning as when I looked last night, for the first time it hit 70.
Also have done 6 different exercise tests pre my first dose, so we’ll see how they progress later on.

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Egrf could be low if OP is big and muscular and/or supplements creatine

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