YARD Time (Yet Another Rapamycin Diary)

Hello all,

I’ve recently started taking Rapamycin and wanted to track and contribute my personal experience. I have found the information in this forum a great resource so hopefully this helps someone else if not just myself.

Medical History

I am 47, male, in generally good health until a bout of Horners Syndrome landed me in hospital last year.

My symptoms included:

  • “Suicide” headaches
  • Anhidrosis
  • An extremely painful line from my temple to the crown of my head
  • Right eye ptosis
  • Ageusia - in my case certain things tasted absolutely foul

Thus far all the tests I have undergone have failed to find the underlying cause. I did a few weeks of acupuncture as I had seen some evidence of this being helpful in dogs at least:

Slowly the symptoms started to resolve but I have been left with right eye ptosis which is particularly bad when I am tired or just after waking up. No idea if this was just my body healing on its own or if the acupuncture helped.

Current stack
I have a biomedical science background, have worked in the pharmaceutical industry and already followed the work of Richard Miller, ITP, Peter Attia, Brad Stanfield etc. and have been on a fairly large supplement stack on and off for a couple of years:

  • Prostaphane (20mg stabilised sulforaphane)
  • Glycine (1g)
  • NAC (700mg)
  • Alpha lipoic acid (300mg)
  • Vitamin D3 5000 IU
  • Vitamin K2 (Mk-7) 120mcg
  • Magnesium (L-Threonate) 250mg
  • Acetyl L-Carnetine (500mg)
  • Ashwagandha
  • Bacopa monnieri
  • Hyaluronic Acid (200mg)
  • Astaxanthin (8mg)
  • Nicotinamide riboside (700mg)
  • TMG (500mg)

Before bed I take Apigenin (250mg) and melatonin (0.6mg)

Sleep Apnea
I have a history of sleep apnea controlled by CPAP which I really don’t like. I’m hoping Vik Veer might help me identify if there is a surgical intervention that might be appropriate in my case

My recent health scare made me refocus and I got back into running (5k 4 times a week) but I got absolutely debilitating shin splints and pes anserine bursitis even after gate analysis with various running shoes. Pain would wake me up in the night and I would have extreme difficulty walking downstairs. After rewatching Peter Attia talking with Matt Kaeberline and reading through this forum I finally thought I would given Rapamycin a go.

First I got a full blood panel done and I landed bang in the middle of the “normal” range on every metric.

I purchased through Niba Healthcare - thanks to @desertshores for all the info on that! Super easy transaction via Wise. Great communication throughout. Rapacan arrived within 7 days of making payment.

I took 1mg and within 24-48 hours noticed I significant improvement in the pain in my lower legs and elbow.

I took 3mg 4 days later and the bursitis was completely gone! I have been able to run 5k every day completely pain free and zero side effects.

It feels amazing to be able to get back to a fitness regime without debilitating pain afterwards. I am fairly convinced Rapa is doing something other than masking the pain.


Appreciate your sharing how rapamycin is working on your condition. The Horner’s Syndrome video was an excellent foundation.

Reminds me how complicated and specialized the human anatomy can be.

I find the benefits of less inflammation using rapamycin can help a lot of issues. For me one neurological issue was dysphagia. Choking… swallowing problems. Now completely gone.

Keep us posted.


Thanks for the info. Yeah Rapa does some amazing thing in our bodies. It used to give me muscle cramps, especially if I played golf during the day (sometimes would wake me up at night) then started taking 164mg of Aspirin and have not had any cramps since (couple months ago) even if I play golf all day long.

-On another note, doing 5Miles of running a day i think it is overdoing it. I’m sure it feels good but I would not do more than 2 Miles and then do a real fast sprint in last 200 yards. For me, I find it much more beneficial doing very hard/strenuous exercises at short intervals (i.e. heavy weights, sprints in 100 to 200 yards couple reps, pushups/pullups 20/10 at once in 3 reps etc… than do continues prolonged cardio or running. Heard also Dr. Sinclair suggesting something to this effect as opposed to doing long cardio or runs.


Welcome to the site and thanks for posting all your background information and results. If you have any pre and post rapamycin testing results that you eventually gather together, please post that too.

We love to see data here as well as hearing about the perceived impact.


What brand and model of CPAP do you use? If you are using a brick, which just blows air in your face all night I can see where that may be a problem.

I use a resmed S9 and (don’t ask me how it does this) it actually lets go while you exhale then blows when you inhale. You can set the pressure and it has a chip that records a graph of your breathing all night. The new ones tie in an oxymeter. The best feature is the humidifier, which in the Iowa winter is worth the price and effort all by itself. You breathe perfect air all night long. Filtered and humid. This prevents disease.

Lol, I don’t sell them. Just like them.

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I’m doing 5 kilometers so roughly 3 miles as part of training for a 10k race in a few weeks. But yes I plan on introducing weights and resistance training too :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am currently using a resmed airsense 10 with the humidifier unit. The most bothersome aspect is air leaks that happen when the mask opens up around on your face when you move in the night. The noise of that always wakes me up several times a night. Might try a different mask model and see if that helps.

I plan on getting another full blood panel done in 3 - 6 months time. Happy to share the before and after. I have a supply of acarbose and empagliflozin arriving from Niba Healthcare this week. Plan on starting acarbose first but if the gas issues from acarbose turn out to be too much then I can switch to the empagliflozin.

Does anyone here take both acarbose and empagliflozin simultaneously?


Yeah, that’s why I couldn’t use a full face mask. I use a nasal mask now. That part of your face flexes much less. Also when the pressure is too high it can interrupt sleep. So you would be better off in my opinion to turn down the pressure and it may seem like it’s doing nothing, but if it doesn’t wake you up and reduces the total number of events then that is better than not using it at all.

On the resmed machines it’s a setting called EPR which stands for exhalation pressure release. I don’t sell them either but I used to set them up for my job for many years. Resmed PAP machines are excellent quality imo.


The Airtouch F20 works for a lot of people because of the memory foam cushion. That one might be worth looking into although no mask is perfect.


The memory foam looks interesting. I’ll definitely give that a go. I’ll also check my machine for the EPR setting and see if that helps. Thanks all.

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I think there are some, just track your blood glucose levels so that you don’t go hypoglycemic.

Also, I recommend this thread: (IMPORTANT) SGLT inhibitors are not a substitute for Acarbose

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Started week 3 at 3mg yesterday. Ramping up 1mg per week until I hit 5mg then I plan on holding that.

Didn’t feel great in the afternoon. Checked my blood pressure and it was 160 over 103! :grimacing:

Did some breathing exercises and checked later in the day and it was 134 over 83. Not perfect but vastly improved. I doubt this large intra day variation has anything to do with rapamycin as I was seeing these swings during my recent bout of Horners Syndrome. My current thinking is something is going on with my cardiovascular system and that in turn is stressing the nerves as they travel the loooooong path to my face (see video in first post).

Went for a run this morning and got my fastest 5k this year. The body is a complex and bewildering machine :blush:


Ordered both Acarbose (Glucobay 50mg) and Empagliflozin (Jardiance 25mg) from Niba Healthcare. Usual fast and efficient service. Arrived just 1 week after placing my order.

Thanks for pointing me to this thread. Filled with lots of useful information. The devil is indeed in the details. I am going to start with Acarbose by itself first and see how I get on and maybe add in a half dose of Empagliflozin if blood glucose levels and further research tell me thats worth combining in.

I’ve held off starting the acarbose until today. I had a fairly nasty gastrointestinal upset at the beginning of the week and from what I have read here adding in Acarbose on top of that would be like eating a hand grenade :bomb::boom:

This arrived today and OMG what a difference! Had a quick trial nap and the airfit silicone is like a torture device in comparison. Much better fit. No leaks. Less noise. Hopefully this continues for a full nights sleep ahead. Thank you so much for pointing these out!

I know we prefer data over anecdote but for what its worth other than the gastro thing I continue to feel good. Ran a 7k yesterday. Whipped round and felt I had plenty left in the tank. Zero pain during the night - before I was waking up several times with lower leg pain. Out for a 6k walk this morning and no aches or pains either. Just amazing.

What if anything could I look for in a blood panel that would explain what I presume to be an anti inflammatory response I am having?


Good deal! Thanks for the update and I’m really hopeful you’ll have better sleep.

Up to 4mg this morning and definitely felt a big stimulant effect for a few hours.
Acarbose gas is now very noticeable :grimacing: but not intolerable… for me at least


I was due to move up to 5mg on Monday but my head cold has now turned into a sinus infection and I am unsure if taking rapamycin would be counter productive. Anyone with any personal experience here I’d be interested in your n of 1.

I have a long history of sinus problems and have had at least 4 polypectomy surgeries over the years. I am still digesting these papers but from first skim it appears there is some limited evidence that blocking mtor with rapamycin could be clinically useful in those with nasal polyps

Inhibition of IL-17A via the mTOR pathway using rapamycin also attenuated NP formation and inflammation in the murine NP model.


I have been taking 6mg weekly for the past couple of weeks and noted a few possible side effects:

Occasional ringing in my ears usually at night as I am drifting off to sleep. Doesn’t last long maybe 15-30 seconds.

Notable increase in blood pressure - 175 over 95 yikes! My BP has been all over the place but usually well below this at it’s peak.

Resting heart rate down to 49bpm was around 55 - 60

I am going to monitor my blood pressure morning and night and build up a diary and also book in with my GP as the BP numbers are really concerning. I did try dosing with 2g pure Citrulline base powder 3 times a day to get it down a bit but I’ve not been very consistent with that.


Are you using GFJ as well?