Who here has gotten/not gotten COVID?

This is, of course, true. But basically meaningless without quantifying. I am not sure we have found a virus that can’t do this. Just as an example, read the Wikipedia entry on Epstein–Barr virus. Apparently most of us have it.

So the real question is how frequently the covid virus kills us on infection, or produces lingering long-term effects of significance. The rate these things happen presumably are affected by vaccination, age, previous exposure to similar viruses, individual genetics, and many other things as well.

Quantifying this stuff is hard. It does matter though. What we do as individuals and as a society should, in theory, depend on the answers to those questions. We also have to look at what steps we can take to reduce infection, how effective those steps are, and what the collateral damage (or cost) of those steps are. And then we need to make tough tradeoffs.

We seem particularly bad at this as a society.

Anyway, to answer your Q: I was infected at least once, some time after receiving 2 doses of Pfizer. No booster shots. I was not taking Rapamycin at the time - I started my Rapa journey after. I got over the initial infection easily but did seem to lose some of my respiratory fitness as measured in the gym and it didn’t totally normalize for a year.

Good luck to you!

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Never had any jabs for covid, never caught covid, was out and about everyday, straight after lockdown ended, karaoke started and was going to 3 a week, still no covid, no flu even though people there had caught it, even though they had all their vaccinations and boosters, not even a cold in that time, I was taking 2mg Low Dose Naltrexone , so maybe that is what prevented me getting anything, maybe I was just lucky.

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I got it in Jan of 2021 which was 2 years before starting rapa. There are 2 of us in my family that work as respiratory therapists though so it was probably inevitable. I’ve had it once and my husband 3 times but he has comorbidities that I don’t have. We didn’t isolate from one another when he had it and I didn’t get it again.

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The statistics for fatalities from COVID is that it is 10X deadlier than the flu without any interventions. If you have a moderate/severe infection and you take PAXLOVID ASAP, that will reduce the chance of death by 88% which brings it to the same level as the flu. I think this highlights how important it is to take the proper medication when you are sick.

I took PAXLOVID when I developed moderate\severe COVID and I can tell you it makes a HUGE difference. Given how the flu\pneumonia becomes more of a primary killer as we age, this is something we need to stay on top of.


I got moderate COVID around Xmas after all the shots and boosters while on high dose rapa. Quickly obtained PAXLOVID which eliminated the virus within a couple of days. A week later got a mild rebound which lasted a week.

No lingering symptoms.

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65 here and got covid in the transition period between Delta and Omnicron… Was not pleasant but I would say it is between a cold and the flu… 2 days of chills and sweats and 3 weeks of respiratory symptoms… I did not miss a day of work as I work from home…

I am unvaccinated, never wanted it and resisted the social pressures. I am surprised at the number of longevity minded folks here that got the jabs…


My I ask how come? Seems like for evidence and data driven longevity people things, while never certain, very strongly lean in the direction of vaccination?

Unvaccinated and no covid.here and I am almost 79, However my vitamin D is 83 and my CRP is less than point 2 (bottom of the scale), I’m fairly certain those are the best protection for anything going thru. Has so far been true for me. I’m currently off rapa as it raised BP and A1C so taking a break for a while.


From my POV in the direction of vaccination.

Hard to say no to drugs with studies like this:

Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine


Did more people die in the vaccine group or in the control group…


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I had high levels of vitamin D3 (5000 IU daily) and low CRP (bottom of scale) and still got COVID with previous vaccinations. I used to think D3 was a magic shield against COVID until I learned it the hard way. Sometimes its just dumb luck.

When COVID first came out, my entire family got it and I didn’t. I thought I was immune to COVID. Then I got it pretty bad.

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I also have low CRP and high vit D3, but nevertheless I got Covid, which was pretty mild.

Vaccinated and boosted. No Covid here. Children same. Parents same. One for two on brothers.


Amazing! You probably have natural protection in your genes.

Five shots and going strong here, no covid :muscle:

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Got lab tested COVID 2 times.

First (Jan 2022) was 2 weeks after Pfizer booster shot, noticed reduced smelling hability and test was positive (My teenager kids got mild Covid 2 weeks before). That was the only sympton and recovered fully a few days later.

The second time was at the end of last year, with no symptons at all. Tested because my wife got Covid a few days back.

Once for sure end of march beginning april 2020 and possibly again around september 2021. Never got any injections nor ever went to doctor or anything. But did have to get vaccination nov 2021 in order to go to costa rica. Otherwise i would NEVER ever have gotten any vaccination or test. As far as lingering results don’t think so but can’t really say for sure.

Lol the all cause mortality argument again. I love people who want impossible trials that can’t get statistical significance. :wink:

All cause mortality is the only measure that means anything and there were much more deaths in the vaccine group than the vaccine group had less covid deaths. If you dismiss those deaths as not statistically significantly then there is even less evidence for vaccine efficacy

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Now that there are excellent therapies, vaccination is not as important.