Who here has gotten/not gotten COVID?

J/w, would be interesting to get a poll (and it can say something about the health profiles of people here, esp b/c COVID can produce lingering long-term effects).

I still have not gotten it [1], despite one very close call in NYC right before I got vaccinated. Have been double-boosted by now. Most people I know have gotten it, some multiple times (but a few lucky ones escaped it). I wear masks more often than most (I still wear masks in public) but I do it more for pollution/UV reasons than COVID reasons (however I can say “I live with” a vulnerable person as an excuse for wearing a mask when people ask).

FYI I also just have never been sick in, like, the past 10 years (asides from one bad cold in late 2017) - it’s enough that I don’t need a nasal rinse here.

[1] I could have gotten an asymptotic infection, but no one in my household got it either, which I guess is just an insane level of luck…


I have been sick, with fever, more often than before covid years, but always tested negative for covid. That was after taking some doses of vaccine.
Had 4x Pfizer. No long term symptoms. It seems unlikely anyone avoided it as Omicron variant increased infection rate by a lot, when it was already high.

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Got Covid once (last Dec). Pretty mild, lasted 6 days. Was on Rapa all the time. Vaccinated, no boosters (2 initial Pfizer vaccines). No long Covid. Never lost sense of smell.


Still no covid here. During the peak times I was pretty careful about always having a kn95. Now I’ve tapered off the mask wearing except on airplanes or really crowded public transit but I still have my box of masks that I’m happy to break out next surge or even flu season really.

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Got it last fall when visiting Marquette MI. Was up to date on vaccination. Was like a bad cold. That was the only time.

I apparently have not and I’ve tested many times. I even went so far as to touch my infected kid’s saliva and put the finger in my mouth, LOL! (I wanted to get it over with and gain the immunity. I trust my immune system could handle it and I wasn’t on rap at the time).

A doc told me to assume I’ve had it regardless of test results.

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I have never gotten COVID. I did get the J&J shot when it came available.

I might have gotten covid, but at best it was like a minor or moderate cold for 2 days at some point during the covid period, then went away. I did not, and have not, tested positive. I’ve had the JNJ, and 2 Moderna shots.

Vaccinated early on with 3 doses. Had Covid 18 months ago. Short flu like illness. I would suspect that some people that say they haven’t had it, may have had a symptom free episode of it.
Haven’t decided on getting any more doses of vaccine.
I think long Covid is real but greatly exaggerated.

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I tested positive once but was asymptomatic. My kids had it two or three more times but I didn’t bother testing and never noticed anything.
Only after those events I took 2x Pfizer jab for travel purposes.
All of that was pre Rapa.

Not sure how you can conclude this Alex? I’m more careful then most, but still think there is a meaningful probability I’ll eventually get it.

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Btw, what are people’s thoughts on eg these points from the stress and epigenetic clocks paper that was discussed in a more general context earlier:

In the case of DunedinPACE (in which the normal pace of aging is 1), we found that the pace of aging was already elevated by $25% by the point of ICU admission (time point 1) for both sexes. This was reversed following discharge from the ICU, although not fully to baseline

DNAmPhenoAge indicated a significant reversal of biological age in females following discharge from the ICU (i.e., time points 3–4), but no significant change in males

DNAmGrimAge indicated an increase in biological age that was partially reversed by the time of ICU discharge for females. This was marginally significant overall, and no significant change was observed in males


Especially how reversible to people think potential impacts on aging are after repeat infections (seems long Covid risks go up substantially with each repeat infection)?

Does anyone have any of their bio age metrics from before and after Covid?



Found these two papers referenced in the paper above interesting:


Does anyone (@TongMD perhaps) understand this part/why it may be:

“mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccination revealed vaccination significantly reduced principal component-based Horvath epigenetic clock estimates in people over 50 by an average of 3.91 years for those that received Moderna”

www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.01.21266670v1 ]

I had COVID at the end of April. I had taken 3 mg of Rapa + GFJ the preceding Friday. I had a cough for a few days but tested negative. Finally, after lunch on Friday I felt lousy and went home from work early and went to the doctor. He prescribed regular flu meds. Slept the rest of the day and had hot and cold flashes and a cough but no fever.

The next day I tested positive for COVID. I went to the hospital and got PAXLOVID. I had a mild fever and my sputum was blood red. I then isolated in a hotel for 5 days. My maid got COVID as well but my wife and children did not test positive even though they had flu like symptoms for a day. After taking PAXLOVID, antibiotics and the other prescribed meds, my symptoms got better. After a couple days, my sputum turned back to yellow. I also took Metformin the day after diagnosis, but skipped Rapa and my other supplements.

For me, COVID was at its worst for two days. Coughing up blood was worrisome. The PAXLOVID really made a difference.

Now I still have a small cough and my lungs feel a bit inflamed. I have a bit of a point headache probably caused by the cough. I may or may not have more fatigue. It’s hard to tell. I am asthmatic, so usually when I would get a flu in the past, I would have a lingering cough that would last up to 6 months after the flu went away. The doctor said this was due to an allergy. My current cough is not as bad as those I had in the past.

I had the original 2 doses of vaccine and one booster when they first became available. Pfizer. Obviously the boosters are needed for immunity.

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Tribute to the U.K. National Health Service (NHS). I was flagged as increased risk (have MS), I got every vaccine and booster. I might have had Covid asymptomatically, but as far as I know I never got Covid. No coughs, sniffles, fever or any reason to even be concerned enough to take a test.

I never tested positive, got sick once and it was fever for maybe 8 hours. I was on Rapa through nearly the whole thing.

I never got any vaccine. I wasn’t worried about killing grandma. I was sleeping with grandma and if I got the shot she would have killed me. I listen to Bret and Heather on Dark Horse. Before family gatherings I would take Ivermectin (Horse Paste is a little better than injectable but neither is very good). I doubt it did anything, but it didn’t hurt me either and trust me I have no worms. Grandma used Hydoxychloriquine prescribed by her doctor and she didn’t get it either.

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Wow. I know someone who got extremely uncomfortable COVID after a previous infection and vaccination. Their second bout of COVID was way worse than their first bout (their first bout of COVID happened when they weren’t vaccinated at all and when they said “it’s not that bad”)

I also know someone who was vaccinated who got COVID after and he later was unable to get out of bed for like 2 days (super-super-uncomfortable)

[all these are young people in their 20s]

It seems that some people still get extremely unpleasant symptoms even after vaccination


I got it a few months ago. I didn’t feel so good at bedtime and woke up at 5am and knew something was up. Tested positive 3 times. I had an appointment with my cardiologist that morning for a stress test which I had to cancel. They rescheduled and charged me $200 for the late cancelation. Took Paxlovid and tested negative a few days later only to have it come back again. After that went away, my sense of taste was affected for a few weeks but that finally cleared up. On my next visit to the cardiologist, they removed the $200 charge when I showed them a picture of the 3 positive tests taken the morning of the cancelation.


I never got Covid that I know of, and neither did my wife or our three kids. My wife and I had 3x Pfizer vaccines


I’m 80 and live alone. Have not received any shots or tests for Covid. December 2022 I was quite sick for two days. Living alone I carry on whether sick or well. During Covid I didn’t like wearing masks so I bought a motorcycle helmet with a face shield so I could go shopping and not wear the mask. Yes, I own a Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle. LOL


I got covid in March and was on a short rapa vacation at the time. I guess it would be considered a mild case, but I lost smell for a few weeks. And recovery was different from any cold or flu I have had. A lot of little setbacks in symptoms. Just when I thought it was gone, a relapse. I exercised during. Gave it to my partner who mirrored my symptoms. Both of us had the vaccine and boosters. She lost her taste and that was awful for a foodie. And after her symptoms were gone, she had a teeth cleaning. She said that caustic taste in her mouth came back for a short while (without covid symptoms).

Out of caution, and given an account of another in this community getting a covid rebound, I delayed getting back on rapamycin until 5 weeks after covid symptoms first appeared.

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