Which vendors do a re-ship in case of customs seizure? Which ones ship in separate boxes?

I’m getting concerned about mine

Are you having them shipped to the USA? Did you use Speedpost EMS? or something else?

I don’t know which vendors do re-shipping - generally I recommend to people to ask this question to the vendor before they order, but some people have mentioned in this thread about having this done successfully: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

Oh - and what do you mean by “which ones ship in separate boxes?”
In all my shipments (over a dozen) they ship all the medications in a single box, if you order more than one type of medications. And I’ve never had any customs issues at all.

dropshipmd.com did reship upon seizure, and also shipped a 400-500 pill order into 4 separate instatements.

yes shipped to USA.

Stuck in customs for 4 days, I’m more concerned…

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It’s totally normal for foreign packages to be stuck in customs for many days. There’s nothing to worry about yet. I had one in Chicago for 10 days, then it just cleared and arrived really quick.

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My order was seized twice. And I only expect it to get more difficult in Europe - or perhaps it is only in the country I live in. I am wondering what the experience is of other European members.


  • 12 Nov 2022 05:14

Inbound Out of Customs. Your item cleared United States Customs at 5:14 am on November 12, 2022.


  • 06 Nov 2022 23:51

Processed Through Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)

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