Which supplements do you think are still worth taking?

geranylgeraniol? ___

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Yes. Here is the product I’m using and my email from American River Nutrition.

“Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in GG! We have a few brands that offer GG Gold. I recommend Annatto GG from Designs for Health and Pure GG from Xtend Life. There are more products coming to market as we publish more data on this novel nutrient. 2024 is the year of GG discovery.”

I forget, are you on a statin?

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Rosuvastatin 5mg EOD. Slight muscle aches after weight lifting so I shifted to EOD to avoid doing on lifting days. I didn’t realize the apparent effect rosu was also having on my cycling power. I knew my power was dropping in the two years since starting a statin but didn’t guess statin. Suddenly my power is restored with GG. I had been taking coQ10 with no benefit I could tell.


I watched his videos, but I am not convinced he is right. He never mentions bioavailability in his calculations of low dose in videos. Since bioavailability is much lower in humans then mice (respectively less than 1% vs. 6-12%) wouldn’t that mean that you would need to adjust the low dose with bioavailability? And wouldn’t in that case be 500-1000mg considered a low dose in human?
I am of course not sure about it, I never researched Resveratrol in depth…

If your zone 2 wattage decreased, statins might negatively impact your mitochondria.

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Curious how easy this supplement is to replicate with food. Do you know how much geranylgeraniol there is in various high source foods? I know nuts, olive oil etc are relatively high - but I don’t know the absolute amounts.

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No. The video in this post is what I saw. It looked like a worthy experiment. Perhaps the next step is to identify natural sources. My diet is good in nuts (walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts) and phytonutrients (30 plants per week). Yet, the supplement seems to make a big difference. Flax seeds are mentioned so I could work that in.

It’s a work in process.

Here’s an interesting article on GG. It has many effects beyond statins.

Intro to Geranylgeraniol


Also, regarding natural sources, below is from Dr. Barrie Tan. PhD in chemistry. He is credited with discovering tocotrienols, He produces an Annatto Tocotrienols and a Geranylgeraniol (GG) product through his American River Nutrition company. (https://americanrivernutrition.com/).

“GG is found in small amounts in food, but the foods that it is found in the largest quantity are castor oil, flax seeds, carrots, tomatoes, and olive oil.”


Here’s what Dr Grossman takes for longevity:

Link to Dr Terry Grossman info


What a nice LDL, 14.
Interesting that he has picked atorvastatin as well.
I will def try atorvastatin 10 mg once I run out of rosuvastatin.

I had missed that

  • Lithium Orotate 5 mg > Alzheimer’s prevention

Interesting how often he does cleerly…


Did he say what Micronutrients testing and/or adrenal stress index provider he used?

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Is there any video link to his presentation?

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No video link yet. It was a live presentation today. It was recorded so a link is forthcoming. I was not giving it my 100% attention so I missed a bunch of it. Nothing more to add at this point.

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He said he has apoE4 allele so he took extra measures to ward off Alzheimer’s


I took Carnosine for years, then switched to beta alanine.

I started a statin in October and bisphosphanate In June. I didn’t notice any physical performance degradation at either time. In fact, I stopped the statin for three weeks, just to see if I noticed any difference, and didn’t

I started taking the Annatto GG a week ago.

GG seems to have provided a definite perceptible improvement in endurance, even over this short period of time. (With the standard caveat that it could all be placebo.)

I had skipped a couple days of doing sets of pushups, and usually pay a price on the last bit if I do that, when I resume. I had a small but noticeable unexpected reduction in strain on that last set when I resumed this time. Was wondering why, then I remembered I started taking this.

During my weekly 12 mile hike, I wasn’t particularly any faster on the strenuous uphill parts, but when I leveled off my legs felt much less taxed than usual. In the end, this didn’t seem to reduce my elapsed time for the hike, but I felt a lot better, less drained. Like back in the ‘old days’ when I was 60.

I think this is worth trying for improved physical performance, even if you don’t take a statin. Probably, especially, if you’re old.


Nice. I’m also a fan, as you know. I tried slowing to an EOD dosing but felt like I lost some effect. I’m back to everyday.