Which supplements do you think are still worth taking?

Which supplements do you think are still worth taking? Either because you feel some positive effect from it or because the science behind the supplement is really strong (either longevity, athletic performance or some other benefit)

My list of supplements I will continue:
Creatine, vitamins d3 and k2, magnesium and melatonin

The rest of the supplements which I am growing tired off and want to trim down to the essentials:

Glynac, asthaxanthin, hmb, arginine-akg, citrulline malate, alpha lipoic acid, niacin, beta-alanine, lithium, boron, tmg, q10, pqq, ashwaghanda

Already stopped: pterostilbene, resveratrol, quercetin, apigenin, fisitin, d-aspartic acid


I suspect I’m becoming a bit of a meme on this topic… but creatine is the only supplement I feel has any value.

Perhaps vitamin D if your blood work shows a deficiency. I believe any mineral deficiencies (e.g. magnesium) can be addressed through the diet.


Why take creative given there are potential downsides with this as well?

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Have you got all day?


what are the downsides to creatine (if you ever encounter a doctor that says it harms your kidney function/GFR run away from him because he clearly doesn’t understand basic physiology)


I have got all day - I know very little about creatine so I’d be delighted if you two can enlighten me!

Increased peak force; peak power; anaerobic power; anaerobic work capacity; glycogen storage; cognition; memory; resistance to sarcopenia etc etc

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Thanks, and you agree with Arhu on the so-called harms not actually existing?
(And which brand do you buy in UK?)

Pretty much the same. Creatine, Vitamin D3 (had blood levels tested), and Magnesium. I was taking 2 tbs of carlsons fish oil 3x week but my omega 3 levels were rediculously high on recent labs so I switched to salmon once a week. I’m just not sure if omega 3 levels can be too high but without supplementing i should be within a safe and healthy range.

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I usually don’t look for supplement brand (i know bad) but for q10 i look for kaneka as manufacturer, chromadex for nr, ksm66 for ashwaghanda and creapure for creatine (this really matters as it is
much easier on the stomach and without bad taste). Most others i just buy of amazon, bulk or swanson and try not to buy the cheapest but the one with the most reviews

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My omega 3 index was 13.7& the lab range is 1.4 - 4.9. If anyone has information on high omega 3 levels i would love to know. I couldnt find anything other than it being mentioned on a Peter Attia podcast that 10 was a good level, which is twice the quest lab range (at the high end)

Yes, totally safe.

I use Science in Sport as it’s ‘informed sport’ registered.

What downsides are you referring to?

Listen to Rhonda Patrick’s podcast from a couple months ago on Omega 3’s. According to the studies she sites, the higher the better. I believe she said people in Japan had the highest levels (8 to 10 if my memory serves)

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Surprised about HMB as I thought this was a bro supplement that went out of favor due to a lack of evidence.

Just experimenting, it’s cheap, doesn’t taste bad but it adds to my already enormous stack which I want to reduce to the essentials

Interested to find out what dietary pattern you’re following? Since that’s pretty relevant when it comes to choosing supplements IMO

I’m on the carnivore diet, so really nutrient and quality protein-rich already

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A carnivore diet helped me break free of my intense sugar addiction! I don’t think I could’ve done that without it. Of course later I dropped it like a hot potato, lol.

I really enjoy eating and cooking carnivore. I’ll eat socially whatever is served but I always miss the meat.

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