What rapamycin brands are people using?

What rapamycin brand are you all using? I’m planning to soon stock up some 1mg and 2mg Rapamune packages from Pfizer. Any benefits or disadvatages with this?

Here is a list of diffferent brands:

  1. Pfizer Rapamune
  2. Wyeth Rapamune
  3. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Sirolimus
  4. Zydus Siromus
  5. Biocon Rapacan
  6. Rocas Sirolimus
  7. Panacea Biotec - Siropan sirolimus
  8. Actiza Sirolimus
  9. Dr. Reddy’s Sirolimus
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You may want to do a poll similar to this thread: For Those Who Take Indian Generic Rapamycin, Which do you take?

The full list of different sirolimus brands are listed here: Rapamycin, Rapamune, Sirolimus and Other Naming Conventions

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Newbie here, I started Glenmark just over 2 weeks ago 1mg. Dosing 1 x week, bumped with grapefruit this last time. Not sure what I am supposed to feel / observe and when to indicate it is working.


Most people don’t feel any different on Rapamycin.


I take Pfizer Rapamune and Zydus Siromus. Zydus seems to be stronger in that I get more side-effects.

Very interesting and thanks for sharing this! It has been a little hypothesis that I have that different brands can have more or less side-effects. What type of side-effects do you get more of when taking Zydus?

All of the side effects I have had are from Zydus. I started Rapammune and moved on to Zydus. Then I developed side effects. I spent 5 weeks on the Pfizer brand. 4 weeks at 1 mg + GFJ and the last week 2 mg + GFJ. Zydus was 2 mg + GFJ weekly after that.


My insurance company changed went from Cigna… Accredo-- Dr. Reddy Sirolimus to now Anthem Careion-- Greenstone Rapamune