What kind of results are you getting from Akkermansia and for how long?

I have read the Pendulum’s research. Does anyone have a experience supplementing with Akkermansia over a period of time? What have you learned and what are the effects other than on BG?

I’ve seen nothing showing that one can supplement directly with Akkermansia. Rather one has to supply the gut with the right nutrition/environment to promote the growth and sustainability of Akkermansia.

See discussions at: Immunity Code by Joel Greene and Akkermansia muciniphila, can strip the sugar coating from IgA antibodies, potentially leading to immune friendly fire.

Can you post “Pendulum’s research”?

Having a way to directly “supplement” with Akkermansia could prove very interesting.

Also, what do you mean by “BG”?

I just found Pendulum’s webpage on Pendulum Akkermansia.

Interesting, but it leaves me with questions:

  • Does their product have an enteric coating so that the “live Akkermansia” doesn’t get destroyed by stomach acid?

  • Does the product have some other means of delivering the Akkermansia to the gut?

  • How do they determine dosage?

OK, just saw that the webpage claims the product uses some kind of enteric capsule:

Akkermansia is encased in a plant-based, acid-resistant, delayed release capsule so that the strain gets through the stomach acid and to the gut microbiome where it can do its job.

Three months to really work seems like a lot.

Joel Greene’s microbiome protocols appear to resent a microbiome in weeks rather than months.

I remain interested but skeptical.

Has anyone used this stuff or any of their other products?

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Would love to hear your thoughts once you have read it:


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I’ve been using the Pendulum Glucose Control product for two months. I’m not using it for glucose control as I’m fine with my A1c/fasting blood glucose level. I’m trying it so see if I can get any benefits from its potential to strengthen gut lining/reduce gut permeability and increase butyrate production. Glucose Control contains multiple strains of bacteria, not just Akkermansia, so any perceived benefits I get may not be from that strain specifically.

Since I’ve started it I’ve experienced increased gut motility and a scaly, raised pink patch of skin on my forehead has faded significantly. These are associations, I’m not sure if there is any causation involved.


I used the Pendulum Akkermansia product for one month and noticed no improvements in anything.


FYI. I’ve switched to the PRO products since they are on Fullscript. Fullscript is going to run a big sale (pendulum and more brands) in mid May. Message me if you want access. Anyone who has already set up an account will get notice of the sale.


My HBA1C went from 5.7 to 4.9 after using Pendulum Akkermansia and Polyphenols for a month as well as taking 500 mg Metformin daily. The benefits probably come from both actions, but it seems much larger than I would have gotten from Metformin alone. When I was prediabetic, I only took 1 g of Metformin weekly.


Have you switched to that product that contains 500 million AKK per capsule? Why not switch to GLP-1

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I did switch to the GLP-1 product. My gut motility improved after about 2 weeks (back to how it felt with the Akkermansia only product before I stopped using the supplement due to cost). I haven’t checked HbA1c yet to see if I’m getting the same benefit as on just Akkermansia but I feel good.


Glad to see you mention their polyphenols. I’m taking their glucose control and taking one pill a day (just to keep costs reasonable). I chose that product after hearing Attia say good things about the company.

According to ZOE, I have a horrible gut, so this is my main interest for pro/pre-biotics

They just gifted me a bottle of their polyphenols and I had wondered if it’s worth purchasing in the future. Do you see value in that particular product and plan to continue?

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I only took the product for a month. Since my blood glucose is where I want it now, I am going to stop taking it.

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