What is the latest research on Sirtuin activators?

Set aside the whole Resveratrol debacle, the hype around NAD precursors, and some of the negative vibe of Dr. Sinclair’s companies and research as of recent.

But if you look at the Sirtuin family is there any exciting research around activating these molecules via new interventions or mechanisms of action other than NAD?

I have seen some recent excitement around SIRT6 in particular but it is hard to filter relevant data.
It feels in many ways that people are abandoning sirtuins as a target of interventions largely because of all the Resveratrol issues.

SIRT6 does look interesting, I agree. We’ve had some discussion around it before in this thread: Fucoidans (SIRT6 activators) from brown algae. Where to source?

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It all seems a bit murky to me. There are arguments as to whether Class III HDACs (Sirtuins) are longevity genes, then there are questions about what “activation” means and whether it is beneficial.

Fucoidan is AFAIK an HDAC inhibitor.

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