What Happens When Your Side Effects Are Good?

I am having a hard time not upping my dosage of Rapamycin. As most of you recall, I get a euphoric fatigue when I take Rapamycin. Well, after adding 6g of Taurine, the fatigue has dropped off and I am left with only euphoria. The higher the dose, the higher the euphoria. It’s really tempting me to increase my dose.

I have been taking 6 mg equivalent (2 mg + GFJ + EVOO) and the euphoria is mild. This week I boosted it to 9 mg equivalent (3 mg + GFJ + EVOO) and the euphoria was much better and longer and ancillary joint pains I had disappeared. I feel even more amazing than normal.

Should I just keep pushing until I hit maximum euphoria? Is euphoria a bad sign for anything? Honestly it’s so tempting to see how far this euphoric feeling can increase…

My one concern is that my LDL cholesterol is high probably due to Rapa, but will it get higher on a higher dose or does it plateau?



statin is fairly effective in reducing LDL while geroprotective? I have taken statin 3 month daily and it dropped my LDL “hugely”.

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Unfortunately, statins cause myalgia for me, so that’s a non-starter. I may try a different statin or ezetimibe.

Hmmm… sounds like a recipe for rapamycin addiction :wink:

Are there other people here who feel that they get a euphoria from rapamycin. I mean I feel good, my body feels 20 years younger, (and that makes me europhoric), but can’t say there is any direct euphoria going on in my life…


I guess the feeling is being amazingly happy and healthy. It’s like how you feel after a terrific night’s sleep and then up a level. You feel like skipping and jumping and playing around like you’re a 10-year-old. Euphoria is the only word I have for that.

Of course, my shooting knee pain (from crossing my legs too much) always kicks in around the skipping and jumping and brings me back to reality.


I seem to remember you saying you have tried significantly higher doses … upwards of 20mg or 30 mg of rapamycin or equivalent via GFJ. Did the dose/response relationship continue that hight? Were you dancing and running up trails like a 5 year old, to the top of Victoria Peak?

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I tried up to 18 mg equivalence bi-weekly. At that time, it was as euphoric as 9 mg equivalent. Except I had fatigue too. I guess I could try 12 mg again and see how it goes.

I know this is also going to sound strange, but I haven’t had any canker sores in quite a while and the mucosa lining in my mouth feels thicker and stronger than before. Not sure if this is my body adapting to Rapa or if a different supplement having a beneficial effect.

I am pretty convinced the rashes I had before were actually caused by the DMSO I was using in the hair tonic. I have discontinued that and I have had no rashes since.


Euphoria scales logarithmically, so you could try increasing the dose and doing some metta meditation or something. That might make it go off the charts.

I think euphoria is a rare side effect, rapamycin might be useful in PTSD however, so there might be a neurological side effect from mTOR inhibition. Of course in this case a pleasant one.

Just watch your immune system and cholesterol levels. In fact don’t increase the dose, just add in other things.

The person on the forum injecting massive doses + Bryan Johnson increasing his dose might mean there can be a hedonistic aspect of rapamycin use for some people. BJ might do so because of ‘rational’ reasons though, and not what he feels. But it’s not out of the question.


Initially I felt very tired and weak even after low doses but by now I don’t feel anything anymore

I just checked the side effects, i dont see euphoria

Maybe it’s the rise in blood sugar that makes @DeStrider euphoric


Are there other people here who feel that they get a euphoria from rapamycin.

Yes. I don’t call it that, but yes. It’s like a power-up, a sense of vitality, resilience, and health, that lasts 1-3 days in my weekly pulse.

I suppose I’m lucky (in the @DeStrider sense of maybe wanting too much :grin: ) in that for me it’s not highly dose-dependent; more rapa isn’t necessarily accompanied by commensurate rise in good feels.


I like the terminology you use - “power-up” instead of euphoria. As it describes some of the cascading impact rapamycin has for me. It can vary though in intensity depending on a variety of factors: time of year, heavy training load, diet, etc.

I have felt a similar power-up when on 3-5 day fasts. A sense of fatigue but also other other energy systems coming into play like keto fat burning.

In DeStrider 's case, the elimination of fatigue when taking taurine is an interesting co-factor. But I can say in general to be careful of too much euphoria. We all have an individual homeostasis that plays out over time.


What quantity of EVOO do you take with your Rapamycin?

I am off of rapa until I get a scalp rash issue handled but did experience euphoria the day I took Rapamycin on several occasions.

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Interesting. I have also experienced euphoria on my rapa dosing day. Two things happened after taking rapamycin which I am beginning to suspect are associated with rapa. I developed a scalp rash which is still resolving (I’m on the second month of dermatologist prescribed treatment), and my appetite “broke”. Instead of the leaning out as many members have described on this forum I became insatiably hungry and packed on another 10 lbs (from 178-188). I’ve been addressing the later with an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, GLP-1 Agonist, and SGLT inhibitor. I’ve been wondering if a rise in blood sugar from rapa might have impacted my appetite.

Yes, I guess you could call the euphoria a power up. Whatever you call it, it’s a great feeling but typically lasts only 1-2 days after dosing and then gradually fades.

I would be curious if we can extend its duration or increase its intensity. Do we all do the exact same protocol? Rapa + GFJ + EVOO? Could it be other supplements we take along with Rapa? Could be enhancing one of the other supplements just like how taurine removes the fatigue for me.

Burst of energy and motivation that I can feel for a few days, then it tapers off as the week wears on. I take it on Friday mornings so I can enjoy the weekend as much as possible.

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I’m starting to feel that it may be our supplement stacks. Could we all post what we take here and see if there are any commonalities? Then others could enjoy the same benefits? We know it’s definitely tied to the Rapamycin.

Maybe you are not taking enough of a weekly dose?

my weekly is 4g rap one hour after 16 ounce glass of GFJ

This is my stack. Do any of you see any similarities?

Here’s my current stack:

Saturday morning:
GFJ + 500 mg Metformin taken 1-4 hours before Rapa to inhibit CPY enzyme
3 mg Rapamycin + GFJ + EVOO

Daily Coffees:
1 hour after waking
2 Cups of coffee (in 1 mug) + 12 g Collagen + 4-5 g Glycine + 1 g TMG

4 hours after 1st mug (to avoid conflicting with Glycine from 1st mug)
2 Cups of coffee + 6 g Taurine + 2 g Magnesium Citrate

Mon - Wed - Friday
EVOO shot (with the following mixed in for absorption)
crushed black pepper
1 g NMN powder
500 mg Resveratrol powder
Quercetin + Bromelain (in capsule as too foul tasting)

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
EVOO shot (with the following mixed in for absorption)
crushed black pepper
1 g NMN powder

Before Meals (most)
100 mg Acarbose

Daily Pills & Capsules (Morning)
5000 IU Vitamin D3
600 mg NAC + Selenium + Molybdenum (NOW brand capsule)
1 g 500 EPA/250 DHA Ultra Omega-3 (NOW)
1 g NAC (NOW)
10 mg Astaxanthin (NOW)
1 mg Lithium Orotate (Life Extension)
500 mcg B12 (Life Extension)
Lutein & Zeaxanthin (NOW)

Daily Pills & Capsules (Evening)
500 mg Metformin
1 mg Finesteride
5000 IU Vitamin D3
1 g 500 EPA/250 DHA Ultra Omega-3 (NOW)
1 g NAC (NOW)
100 mcg MK-7 K2 (NOW)
100 mg Hyaluronic Acid (NOW)
4-5 g Glycine (in chamomile or fruit tea - cold)
1.5 g Glucosamine Chondroitin + MSM (Arazo)

3 mg Melatonin (Friday & Saturday before bed)


Maybe if you take 1mg Rapa + GfJ etc for 3 consecutive days (instead of your 3mg in one dose) you could extend your period of “euphoria”.

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I also take rapamycin with grapefruit, however at a much higher dose every two weeks. I do feel better the following day (chronic mild hip and shoulder pain much less intense). It has never prevented me to increase the dose. I stop increasing the dose if I get ill. I plan to measure peak and trough levels in the not so distant future.