What blood tests are people taking?, Any rapamycin specific ones?

Also it may not reduce in a manner similar to the decay of a radioactive particle in the sense that there is not just an exponential curve, but something more complex.


That is kind of arbitrary, but considering that kidney transplant patients usually aim for levels of 5-10 ng/mL I would say at least ten times lower than that.

True, but the important point is that your through level will reach steady state after about 5 half-lives regardless of whether you take it every two weeks, or weekly or even daily. That’s why you have to measure after at least 5 half-lives, because only then will you know what your through level will really be when continuing to take rapamycin regularly.

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Glutathione is another marker that could be tracked over time.

Marek Diagnostics offers glutathione testing through Labcorp for $59.

Glutathione levels may diminish with age:

“We found that the rate of intracellular glutathione synthesis and glutathione concentrations were markedly lower in the elderly than in the young humans. This glutathione deficiency was associated with increased oxidant stress, because plasma markers of oxidant damage were elevated in the elderly. Treating elderly subjects with brief oral supplementation with cysteine and glycine improved both the FSR and ASR of glutathione to levels observed in young humans. An important consequence of this increase in glutathione synthesis was a significant decline in both oxidative stress and plasma markers of oxidant damage in the elderly to levels similar to those in the young control subjects. These data indicate that a major contributor to glutathione deficiency and associated oxidative stress in aging humans is a diminished rate of glutathione synthesis, which in turn is due to low availability of its precursor amino acids.” Source study (1)

If tested before and after one begins supplementation with glycine and NAC/NACET, it might also give an indication of how well the supplementation works to boost levels.

Here are example glutathione results in someone who is 29 versus 57 years of age:

(1) Deficient synthesis of glutathione underlies oxidative stress in aging and can be corrected by dietary cysteine and glycine supplementation.
Rajagopal V Sekhar et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Sep.
PMID: 21795440

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I just bought 300 tabs of 3mg Siroboon from Pramod-Affix Impex from Indiamart for 240 USD plus 30 USD shipping, 30 cents per mg. I took 6 mg 5 days ago and I haven’t felt any side effects. Does anybody know where I can get Rapamycin Cream?

See this link for buying rapamycin cream in the USA. I don’t know if any international sources… Where to buy Rapamycin Skin Cream

Or search on diy rapamycin cream on the site here to see how to make your own.

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does lifeextension use labcorp or quest?

[and what providers use quest?]

LabCorp - Yes, just checked on the place where I go.

They should tell you on the LifeEx website - because they have to send you to a location to get the testing done.

I looked at my blood tests that LifeEx sends to you afterwards, but nowhere does it say the name of the lab.

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