What are your triglyceride/LDL/LDL particle sizes/VLDL levels, did they change with rapamycin use?

My levels have increased after I did 20mg rapamycin more frequently… But not to like… problematic levels

Component Your Value Standard Range Flag
CHOLESTEROL 174 mg/dL <=199 mg/dL
HDL 54 mg/dL >=41 mg/dL
CHOL/HDL RATIO 3.2 <=4.9
LDL 99.2 mg/dL <=130 mg/dL
TRIGLYCERIDES 104 mg/dL <=149 mg/dL
HOMOCYSTEINE 9.2 umol/L <11.4 umol/L
Homocysteine is increased by functional deficiency of
folate or vitamin B12. Testing for methylmalonic acid
differentiates between these deficiencies. Other causes
of increased homocysteine include renal failure, folate
antagonists such as methotrexate and phenytoin, and
exposure to nitrous oxide.
Selhub J, et al., Ann Intern Med. 1999;131(5):331-9.

Whereas in 2020 and all years prior, I had TG of like 42 (less than HDL) and LDL in the 60s/70s

There are papers showing that rapamycin can increase blood lipids. Robert Lustig says TG/HDL ratio should ideally be below 1.5.


Bryan Johnson does * Rapamycin 13mg, bi-weekly (Rx) and has 55 triglycerides and 74 LDL. Agh.

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He is a pediatric endocrinologist. Take a look at experts like Allan Sniderman or Thomas Dayspring instead.
Of course it’s important to read some of the studies they cite too (or write).

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