Weight Setpoint?

I was a bit surprised that despite being off the rail when it came to dieting over the holidays, the weight I had lost before Christmas didn’t come back on. I’d lost about 8lbs through diet and exercise, and in similar circumstances, my body would have normally regained much of it back during the holidays and the excessive calories that comes with it. Fighting with my weight has been a constant battle and keeping weight off takes a lot of diligence for me.

I did see this 2014 pubmed article on rapamycin and weight setpoints. I wonder if others have seen this phenomenon as well?


Yes, you are right and many articles tout that rapamycin can reset your weight point.

I went from 196 pounds… after three months on rapamycin… lost weight weekly and I reset to 181. That was 2 years ago…

I eat constantly … everything and if it goes up on a Holiday buffet 3 day binge to say 187 pounds…in a few days it is back to 181.

I weigh everyday butt naked… before jumping in the shower.

My weight set point is now 181 pounds… I like it.


I wish that was my experience. I’ve gained about 8 pounds since I started rapa this summer. I take 6mg every Saturday morning on an empty stomach. Weighed in at 189 last morning but average around 185. Would a higher dose help?


Maybe take your dose with a bit of GFJ? Kick it up?

I was actually thinking the higher rapamycin dosing would clean more and more fat and other crap out of me … it did.

Pretty shredded now. Went from a 34 inch waist to 31 inch now.

Peter Attia and Matt Kaeberlein both do 8 mg to 10 weekly.

Worth a shot.

Funny how our phenotypes respond to Rapamycin. It responds to your changed issues. I have always had a small frame… it has adjusted back to my early self… just now in better shape.

Me 20 years ago… pretty thin.

Me 6 years ago.

Me now. So maybe takes you back more to earlier self.


No, that’s what 2x TRT dosing does…


No I would recommend against taking more.

What brand are you using atm?

I have to agree with Agetron.
After taking rapamycin for a few months I finally lost the last few pounds that seem so difficult sometimes to lose.
What is really surprising to me is how stable my weight is now without watching what I eat.
Rapamycin seems to be a great weight stabilizer, for me at least.
FWIW: I have been taking doses of 5 - 20 mg of rapamycin. High doses every 2 weeks, lower doses every week. Currently, I am on a vacation from rapamycin to see if I can get my blood work results back to norm.


Well joelklee might be time to get on TRT - Maverick78 could be onto something there. Thanks bud.

Regardless of your position on TRT-- that with rapamycin… my blood panel excellent health, Dexa scan, Coronary Calcium Scan, Body Composition are all excellent normal and I will be 65 in a few months. My physician says you are amazing - stay the course.

Because of some people’s attitude on TRT some people just pm me feel free to do so if you have any questions

Can you provide more details about your gfj protocol? What’s the source (fresh squeeze yourself, canned, etc.), amount, timing?

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I’ve been on TRT since my mid 40s due to low T (I am 56 now). AFAIK it’s not life extending but it can be life enhancing. In my experience testosterone “wants” me to be bigger. I probably packed on 10 pounds within a few years of starting. Even if it’s only muscle, beyond a certain weight, that probably is not a good thing from a life extension point of view. (e.g. more heart stress, higher blood pressure, etc.).


I’m currently taking Pfizer rapamune courtesy a friend of a friend in Turkey. That was a one-shot deal. When I run out, I have a script at amazon pharmacy for generic sirolimus valid for a few more refills.

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Can you provide more details about your gfj protocol? What’s the source (fresh squeeze yourself, canned, etc.), amount, timing?

Sure Joel…

I get a Red Grapefruit from Wal-Mart produce… it’s what they stock.

Just before my rapamycin dose…I slice the Grapefruit in half and then half again (quarters). Then, with my hands squeeze each section into a glass… strain it… and I get about 5 fluid ounces.

I swallow my 2mg rapamycin pill with the squeezed GFJ. I get an increase of 6 times… based on all my LABCORP test. You can get anywhere from 3 to 6 multiplication of the dose. Each person is different. It definitely will extend your supply of rapamycin.

LMK… if you have other questions.

P.S. thanks for sharing your TRT… info. Typically it melts fat… builds muscle. For me extended use of rapamycin will start to shred and remove all extra fat in your muscles… more strength…less bulk.


Thanks for the detailed info. After doing some research, I am going to push pause on boosting dosing levels with GFJ. Before doing so, I’d like to measure baseline levels of rapa and several other things which will require more study.

I’m more comfortable getting a more modest boost from fat (I’ve been taking rapa on an empty stomach before breakfast). I understand that @RapAdmin takes rapa with a can of sardines but I’m hoping for something a little more palatable. @desertshores do you still take rapa with olive oil? If so can you share your dosing protocol?


Somewhere I have read that the “Red Grapefruits” have less narigin, one of the important flavonoids responsible for the cytochrome enzymes, than the white and more bitter fruits. I apologize for the lack of citation; I believe it came from the Florida Citrus Association.

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I agree - less bitter - no after taste.
Really good flavor and I get a great boost of 6x’s on my rapamycin.

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