Use of Purple Stuff - C-60 as an anti-aging supplement antioxidant

Hey All: I first heard of something called “Purple Stuff” in Sweden - all my health focused friends there were using it. But, they were kinda vague as to where I would get it in the USA. So I started hunting for it. Then a close chemist buddy mentioned to me that he has been using C-60 - Fullerene or Carbon 60 - nicknamed Purple stuff for about 2-years to great effect for skin improvement, positive attitude, weight reduction and memory improvements.

I did a bit more looking and found a recent Forbes Magezine article on the same C-60 source my chemist buddy told me about and that I now use: This Nobel Prize-Winning Molecule Could Be The Best Thing For Anti-Aging I have been using C-60 (avocado oil as it is naturally digestable - recommended by my buddy) for about a month now as an antioxidant, along with my metformin and rapamycin. They all seem to be compatible - no side-effects. Feeling energy and euphoric. Skin looking great. A bit pricey but they first give a 15% discount and then a 20% discount if you start a cart and then don’t check out.

Anyone else here on the site using C-60? Comments? Thoughts? Another opportunity to reverse the aging clock.

Perhaps there is some evidence out there, but the Forbes article reads like an advertisement. The evidence looks thin but promising, such as

Much too early for me to jump in and try it.


Newer study: C60 in olive oil does not extend lifespan of mice.


Good to know. Thanks!