Topical rapamycin hair growth regimen

I have been experimenting with using a topical rapamycin to see if I can’t counteract some of my androgenic alopecia and thought maybe it would be good to talk a little more about what the regimen should be.

The study that makes this sound like maybe it’s worth trying is this one:

Promotion of Hair Regrowth by Transdermal Dissolvable Microneedles Loaded with Rapamycin and Epigallocatechin Gallate Nanoparticles

The method for preparing the rapamycin microneedles is way too complicated for me to even think about trying to DIY, but it’s interesting to see that one of the arms of the study compared rapamycin lecithin gel and actually got some decent results:

In the topical dosing groups, 30 μL of rapamycin lecithin gel (low dose to high dose: 0.2 μM, 2 μM, 20 μM) was applied to the treatment area (2 cm × 2 cm) every other day.

I’m bad at this, but I THINK that the concentrations of those work out to:

  • 0.00002% = 0.2 μM
  • 0.00018% = 2 μM
  • 0.00185% = 20 μM

As far as quantity:
30 μL / 4cm^2 (treatment area) = 4875 μL / 650cm^2 (avg human scalp)
4.8ml dose

The lower two doses in the topical group regrew hair more than the highest dose. This was also seen in the microneedle group.

So I’m not sure exactly what to make of all this, but it seems that a reasonable regimen could be:

  • Every other day dosing
  • 1ml 0.000864% rapamycin ( medium concentration reduced to 1ml instead of 4.8ml)
  • Lecithin gel (I assume that’s PLO gel)

Now, I have no idea where to get PLO gel and I think that would be tough to apply to areas with hair. So I’m thinking a liquid solution, maybe the classic ethanol / water / pg. Or transcutol / water.

I think the key thing is: every other day dosing, not too high on the concentration. Thoughts? Also any part of my math could be way off. I’m no whiz.