Topical Rapamycin Cream tips?

Any advice on getting topical sirolumus cream? I’ve seen some posts about making your own…. I’m on the fence about trying that…. I have a prescription, but don’t want to crush my pills….

I’ve seen some online compounding pharmacies, but I need one that doesn’t require a prescription ….

The reason I want to try a cream for my face is because I have rosacea and came across this article awhile ago

Im already using an ivecmctrin cream on my face that really helps…. But I still have a slight bit of inflammation on my cheeks… a slight redness…. I am curious to see if rapamycin can take away rosacea…. I also came across a post on Reddit who said that sirolumus cream cures her rosacea completely …

I really need to try this as a cream…. I’ve been to my dermatologist and showed her the article…. She said she absolutely does NOT prescribe sirolumus cream and looked at me like I was crazy LOL

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Hi. The following website sells a rapamycin cosmetic skin cream without prescription:

They also sell a “transdermal” cream. But the transdermal cream is designed for systemic absorption. I haven’t gotten any products from them yet. So I don’t know how reliable they are. I think it ships from Australia. But it looks like they only accept Bitcoin. If you haven’t used Bitcoin before, a website like Coinbase might simplify the process.

There is only one review on Trust Pilot. And it said shipping took a few weeks.

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A compounding pharmacy has started offering this (I know of this one, but if there are others, please post the information on them).

You need to first get a prescription from your doctor for this rapamycin skin cream.

Here is the information on the product and the pharmacy:

Sirolimus 0.1% cream/ointment 60g $75 for all rapamycin FB members- mention code FB to receive discount. RX Required.

College Pharmacy -

I would not want a rapa cream that does not pnetrate the skin, as I’m sure it needs to get into the live skin cells to be effective. So if a miniscule amount gets into my other tissues, that would be a bonus.
Also, I would not buy from a dealer that insists on payment by Bitcoin so I’d need an account that would expose me to all kinds of fraud. Bitcoin is just another scam foisting a worthless set of numbers, nothing more, onto a set of greedy buyers looking for a greater fool.


Cosmetic face creams like the Olay creams at the drugstore are formulated to penetrate the skin to deliver ingredients like retinol, ceramides and niacinimide. But the systemic absorption is minimal for most drugs. Transdermal gels and creams are intended to get drugs quickly into the bloodstream or synovial fluid rather than treat skin.

Bitcoin reduces transaction costs for merchants. But having it as the only payment option is unusual. And it doesn’t provide the buyer with protections like a credit card payment where you can dispute a transaction.

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Yes - that is pretty ridiculous. 99.7% of the population has never used Bitcoin to purchase anything, so its just foolish to force that on people. If that is their only payment option, the business will probably not be in business very long.

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