Ordering Online from gethealthspan.com

I’ve been taking Sirolumus that I ordered via this website Healthspan +

I’ve gotten the pills mailed to me. On the bottle it says “Fulfilled by gogomeds” and their address out of Kentucky

Ok so, there wasn’t anything suspicious about the bottle or anything…. I was charged $44 for a month worth of Sirolumus at 3 mg per week

However…. Just wanted anyone’s thoughts on gethealthspan.com. I see a lot of people online ordering overseas and seen some discussions about the quality of the prescriptions. Given the ease of ordering through this pharmacy, I’m surprised more people aren’t using this service.

Is it legit, or is it possible I’m getting fake meds? I really couldn’t say if I was or not at this point, I have no side effects… and 3 mg per week is a low dose, but I was planning on seeing if I could up it to 5 mg per week if things continued to go well

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Hi and welcome to the site. Thanks for posting about your experience.

They are very legit. Based in LA, their twitter feed is here:


Robert Lufkin @Lufkin who is a member here, did an interview with founder here (Skype video quality is not so great, but the interview content is fine):

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