Tim Ferriss: Kevin Rose Tries Rapamycin, Puts Dog on it Too


On Tim Ferriss’ podcast: Kevin has a positive experience with rapamycin, and sees his old dog rejuvenated and now full of energy.

There is lots of joking around here between Tim and Kevin, but generally a very positive review by Kevin on rapamycin (a short 8-week stint) - that helped his knee pain (rapamycin seems to be great for lowering inflammation) and on the rejuvenation of his dog.

Key take-home points here:

So I just wanted to see what it would do if I noticed anything different. I had some knee joint pain in my right knee that hadn’t gone away for a few months… that went away.

On Kevin’s dog’s experience taking rapamycin:

Tim, there is an absolute difference. Darya and I will tell you that — he’s having some hip issues as he’s getting older, his hips slip out from underneath him from time to time. And it doesn’t help that we have concrete floors and it makes that a little more slippery for him.

But now he’s jumping up on people now when they come in the house, including us, and just the level of excitement and energy and everything else that’s come out of him.

He’s been on it for about two months now. It is working.

Read the full story and see the podcast video here: Tim Ferriss / Kevin Rose Rapamycin