"Three-drug combination therapy for anti-aging"

Yes, that’s where i got in contact with Kachhela. I’ve ordered twice no problem. Others here are using different suppliers successfully also.

Could you pls send me a link to the supplier you used.

Playing the role of devils advocate, surely Attia, Sinclair, etc… must have heard of this. Why isn’t it widely used?

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absolutely. Kachhela Medex Private LimitedNagpur, Maharashtra

Dr. Ankita Gangwani

He is not very fast in responding but i got a really good price $.70 for Biocon pill including shipping. I’m guessing prices might change though, it was couple month ago my last shipment. My shipment was delayed in customs in Queens NY for about a week, but then it was released without problem. They had opened the package and checked the contents and closed it again. I even opened a complaint with usps and someone called me, and told them I need my medication. I don’t know if my complaint made a difference but couple days later the package was delivered.

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Do not take this the wrong way.

If they did or did not who cares?
As I do not.

The internet personality/celebrity are NOT the bastions of knowledge.


I am waiting for the local pharmacy to callback when my prescription is ready

My protocol/procedure will be;

250mg azithromycin once ever 3 days

100mg doxycycline once ever 12 hours {I may change this to 1 every 8 hours ]

Oral vitamin C as ascorbyl palmitate
2 grams per day

Considering a 50 grams IV halfway through the course.

For 5 weeks/35 days

Yes, it is a bit different than the paper or patent.


Joseph thanks for HeadsUp and what you plan in doing. Can you give us an update maybe a week after you start to see if you feel any effects. I myself plan to give it a go but will take about one month to get supplies from India.

It tells me, once agin, that cancer is bacterial in nature.


scta123, you are providing outstanding material support.

Thank you



Most people that find a mechanistic study ignore it because it’s low quality evidence.
Others rush to the pharmacy to buy it and start taking it.

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of ascorbyl palmitate?

In the future time will decide who is correct.

One will live longer one will expire sooner.

That will not change.

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That’s true.
Also someone who trusts mechanistic studies should have dozens of things to take on their list as they’re spammed on pubmed.

No, 50g of Ascorbic Acid Injection, USP - ASCOR® brand for intravenous use, is the only FDA approved injectable ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in lactated ringer solution (500ml) will be adding other compound’s .

I’m always surprised when Dr Kaeberlein says something like…it looks very promising but I’m not taking any yet. I suppose my brain doesn’t want to remember that the single most credible person (in my opinion) in this space is very unaggressive in jumping into longevity chemicals. Even things as simple as taurine.


But this is really easy to test, there is some good evidence in vitro and vivo.Theoretically it makes sense too as it did with rapamycin years ago before the studies done on longevity. It must be also understood that there is small research interest given that these are old antibiotics that don’t bring any money especially in cancer research where new drugs cost hundreds of thousands. All three components are really harmless and the only drug that is used in therapeutic dose is doxycycline, which has a proven safety record for prolonged use. I myself was taking doxy many times for months with no side effect that I could remember other than feeling better. If Joseph is willing to test this we could all just profit form this and I don’t see a point being too critical. All progress is made with some courage.


All Great points----not just Joseph but I will 100% try it also, but I’ll do it exactly as in the study and I’ll stop all my other supplements while doing this for 5 weeks. Only think I’ll do is I’ll consume yogurt daily, which I do now for most part. Want to make sure that any effects (good or bad are 100% attributed to it). The problem is I’ll have to start when my supplies arrive from India 4-5 weeks later.


Move along, nothing to see here.

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If you show that your biomarkers get better after taking it then I believe you that it works for you.