"Three-drug combination therapy for anti-aging"

In my view;

These two papers/documents deserves a thread of their own. As some will not see/read the original thread.

Ths was posted on this forum by member “scta123” at Senolytic Therapy: What are you doing? - #142 by scta123

Thank you “scta123” for the information.

“Doxycycline, Azithromycin and Vitamin C (DAV): A potent combination therapy for targeting mitochondria and eradicating cancer stem cells (CSCs)”


“Three-drug combination therapy for anti-aging”

As I posted in the original thread;

“If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late.”
~ Seth Godin

“I am not the waiting type”
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30x 250mg azithromycin - $17.46 with a GoodRx discount card in North New Jersey area at WEIS Pharmacy

75x 100mg doxycycline - $17.81with GoodRx discount card in North New Jersey area at a WEIS Pharmacy

Yes, you would require a prescription.


Indian pharmacy here i come. :smile:

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@Joseph Since these are antibiotics (if I’m not mistaken) they can only be taken periodically/rarely, right? let’s say once per year? or these need/should/could be taken continuously daily?


If you review the documents/paper course was for 5 weeks.


250 mg azithromycin twice weekly does not have any antibacterial properties according to the text and 100-200 mg doxycycline is a standard acne dose that is safe to take for months or even old school malaria prophylaxis. Text also suggests that if bacteria antibiotic resistance would be problematic doxycycline dose could be lowered to e.g. 20 mg which is again non antibacterial and has no effect on bacteria but still provides enough mitochondrial inhibition.
Vitamin C proposed is ascorbyl palmitate.


but the list of claims is quite impressive:

  • anticancer activity,
  • selectively kills senescent cells
  • tissue repair and regeneration
  • extends lifespan and healthspan
  • prevents hair loss, hearing loss, poor eyesight, memory loss, mental retardation, joint stiffness, muscle weakness, loss of physical strength, slowness, loss of balance, loss of endurance, loss of agility, sexual dysfunction, loss of energy, loss of testosterone
  • prevents cellular waste deposition, and inflammation
  • improves hair regeneration, hearing, visual acuity, memory, intelligence, joint mobility, muscle growth, muscle strength, muscle endurance, speed, sense of balance, agility, and sexual ability
  • restores hair growth, restores original hair color, restores muscle coordination and gait, restores overall mobility, increases muscle mass, enhances grip strength, enhances concentration, spirit
  • enhances clarity and enhances memory

(I tried my best to go trough text and copy the main claims)


This is what might make me try it :smile: Almost obsessed with maintaining healthy youthful looking hair LOL


As I have posted;

“This is a no brainier to do.”


Has any of the dudes in here done it yet and if so what’s the experience?

Prescription is a big obstacle!

It is not that big an obstacle.

You can get a prescription online the same day.

Never a problem with me and my Indian friends :smile:


Apologies if I’m being dense, maybe I missed something, but what’s the source of this and are there any papers to back it up?
Is this a company or a lab?

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My only issue (if i had one) is how come these studies came out over 5 years ago and no one of the longevity doctors that keep plastering their faces daily on tv/computer screens and never mentioned this. To me this is bigger than RAPA or anything I’ve seen so far on longevity and wellbeing front, with cancer fighting capabilities to boot. Could this be too good to be true, or is this so good that no one wants it to get out there?



Review the paper and patent original posted on this forum by member “scta123”

This is all off the shelf items, the is no money to be made in non IP products.

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No one can make any money, no IP possible.

Total cost for this for 5 weeks is less than $50.00

30x 250mg azithromycin - $15.00
75x 100mg doxycycline -$18.00
Vitamin C as ascorbyl palmitate - $10.00

What is there to think about?


Azithromycin as a senolytic was discussed in age reversal forum four years ago; five years ago in longecity.


If you knew it that long ago you should have tried it dude. Rest assured I’ll give it a try as soon as my indiands wake up :smile: smile: