"Three-drug combination therapy for anti-aging"

All of this talk about anti-aging is undermined by the billions of plastic nanoparticles we all consume each day. If a healthy lifestyle adds 20 years to your life, how many years would that plastic subtract? Scientist are only beginning to investigate the problem, but everyone here knows in their gut that the outcome won’t be good.

I worry about plastic too, but always think of this and have to smile:

The whole thing is good, but he talks about plastic about 5 minutes in.


In my view the “plastic nanoparticles” issue will be larger than the lead issue.

If you have not seen, review a posting from earlier this year.

The same will occur with plastic nanoparticles in the future

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As I have post before in another thread, I make my own yogurt like product.

I take a quart of light cream{which is 18% to 30% milk fat] add/dissolve two scoop of inulin. Then add 1x shot{2.7oz/90ml] of Yakult, which is bacteria strain Lacticaseibacillus casei Shirota. Set at 100°F in a water bath for 24 hours, you have a heavy clustered like yogurt.

This is one item I will be having more of in-between doing the DAV{doxycycline, azithromycin, vitamin C] therapy.


I love yakult! It’s sweet without any sweetener.

Let us know how this goes. I have the doxy 100mg, but have not tried it yet. He didn’t have 50’s and it’s in capsules so kind of hard to split. I don’t know what to do. Really curious how this will work for you.

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From the study in the first post…

“the concentrations of antibiotics used here represent sub-antimicrobial levels of Doxycycline and Azithromycin, thereby avoiding the potential problems associated with antibiotic resistance.”


Well pardon me for stating an opinion on a forum!
If you have a different opinion that’s fine; there’s no need to be rude or arrogant when dispensing it. OK?


@kansel Please be a little bit more considerate and less dismissive of other people’s opinions that may differ from yours. It’s good to have strong beliefs, but not so good to insult others like @DrT Thanks.


Relax dudes, I was just kidding.

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Basic CV of Michael LIsanti, MD - one of the authors of the paper


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Same here. I was taking doxy for malaria prophylaxis few times for months and I really felt great on this regimen. I also often had sinus infections in my early 20ies and for a week or two after antibiotics I really felt great. Not just because of the absence of illness but my digestion was better, my skin was glowing… just overall better.

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Do you remember what dosage you were taking?

100 mg/day

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Grade: Graduated Magna Cum Laude (BS) in Chemistry from NYU COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCE.
Also has an MD, PhD, etc… And, is a fellow at MIT.
I like research from very smart fellows.

From Michael LIsanti, MD link above

“In 2015, my laboratory discovered a new therapeutic approach for eradicating cancer stem cells (CSCs), with simple FDA-approved antibiotics. More recently, in 2021, we identified high mitochondrial ATP production as a biomarker of “stemness” and metastatic potential, in aggressive cancer cells.”


scta123, I’ve gotten lost in this conversation. Here you note a number of claims and earlier you noted “A 77-year-old man of interest had hair growth, etc.” Do you mind posting the link (again) to the article that talks about these things? I’ve found plenty on the three-drug combination, but nothing about this 77-year-old man. Thanks.

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Its from their patent application. Correct me if I’m wrong @scta123

Here’s the link: JP2022514739A - Three-drug combination therapy for anti-aging - Google Patents


You are correct. It is part of patent application.


Some sense of humour you’ve got “DUDE”.

Well, they do make some astonishing claims. I am with Joseph, at my age I can’t afford to wait for long-term trials. My doctor says I am living on house money, so I will be trying the five-week protocol as soon as my meds arrive from India.

“This approach improves and / or enhances one or more of hair regeneration, hearing, visual acuity, memory, intelligence, joint mobility, muscle growth, muscle strength, muscle endurance, speed, balance, agility, and sexual ability. Can be. For example, this approach restores hair growth and original hair color, restores muscle coordination and gait, restores overall mobility, increases muscle mass, enhances grip strength, concentration and psyche. It has the ability to enhance clarity, enhance learning and memory, and otherwise give rise to overall well-being and vitality in mammals affected by the secondary effects of aging”

“A 77-year-old man of interest had hair growth, mental cognition and agility, strength and stamina, and increased libido, as well as visual acuity, hearing, conversation, hand-eye coordination and balance, and overall well-being”

"The recipient also reported the disappearance of clinically palpable prostate nodules after treatment with this approach, with no other medications, diet, exercise, and changes in daily life.

How could I not try this protocol.?: "Including. For 5 weeks, azithromycin was administered at 250 mg twice weekly, doxycycline at 100 mg twice