About Lead - What Most People are Not Aware Of

Starting this thread about Lead,
would like to keep it on the subject of lead.

People should review; to start.

The Most Important Scientist You’ve Never Heard Of


From another thread I posted on:
" If the risk was great, I would be seriously impaired by this time. I come from an era where lead paint was the most commonly used white paint. To this day I remember sinking my teeth into the window ledges to leave tooth imprints. As a poor teenager, I used to make my own fishing weights from casting scrap lead which was commonly available"
“As an adult, I worked in laboratories where lead bricks used as radiation shielding was in abundance.”
“The absolute vs relative risk is always to be considered.”
Surely you were exposed to a fair amount of lead as a child?
If from nothing else, leaded gasoline.

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The hypothesis that lead levels influence crime levels I think is interesting. The decrease in crime since the 1990’s coincides with the cessation of leaded gasoline use, etc.

Lead is sometimes used in tumeric production to “improve” the color of it, and it has been detected sometimes, lead chromate has a bright yellow color. It’s kind of crazy. Tumeric is a common spice in Asian cooking. And curcumin supplements are extracted from tumeric.

Chocolate, tumeric, what else can be contaminated by lead?

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Good news!


I like MR! So then now it’s wise to source curcumin from Bangladesh but NOT India, where they still spike it with lead? If they do that there — northern India — I’m a bit concern Re: the quality of the meds I source there….

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That was a fantastic read by the way.

Unless you buy a relatively expensive medication like PCSK9 inhibitor I wouldn’t worry about it. Most generics across the entire world is made in India, they have a big pharma industry there.

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