Thoughts on combining the most promising molecules for aging & increasing lifespan/healthspan?


So we know rapamycin has been proven to extend the lifespan of multiple organisms. However there are other molecules that do the same such powerful senolytics such as Dasatinib + Quercetin, metformin & micro-dosed lithium to some extent. I may of forgot some but these seem the most promising. If you know of any other molecules that have been shown to increase lifespan please post them below. :smiley:

Eliminating senescent cells extends healthy life in mice

Mice given dasatinib-quercitin lived 36% longer and in better health

Lithium Produces Mildly Positive Effects on Healthspan in Mice

Metformin improves healthspan and lifespan in mice

I have always been curious on what would happen to a mice/organism if scientists combine all the molecules together? Will it increase the lifespan/health more than just rapamycin alone? or dasatinib + quercitin alone? What would happen if you give a mice rapamycin, metformin, dasatinib + quercetin and lithium? Recent study showed Rapamycin + Acarbose combined lifespan of male mices by 29% so if you combine rapa + acarbose with dasatinib + quercetin would the lifespan benefits add up together to 35% 50%? These questions really make me so curious! I know none of us know the answer but its interesting to hear others thought.

I’m currently taking all the molecules apart from dasatinib + quercetin, even though I have access to these molecules. I’m doing more research first and thinking about adding it to my stack.

I really hope scientist in the future try combing the molecules that actually have been shown to increase lifespan/health span in organisms.


Yes - this is a topic that comes up frequently. Many people are already working on this. See this past discussion here: Combine them all! (Longevity Drugs and Supplements)

You can see the frequency / level of people mixing these different longevity drugs and supplements by reviewing the survey we did last month where people identify all the other drugs and supplements they are taking - check it out here: Rapamycin User Survey #2 - Please Respond

Also - adding senolytics is something about 25% of the people here seem to be doing (based on the survey response). I tend to take the position that its still too early to do that as even James Kirkland only has a 20% confidence level in them right now:


Here is why I’d avoid senolytics as a younger person, at least at this stage of the research:


very interesting. thanks for posting this! I’ll avoid senolytics for now until future studies come

the Osirin guy (matt scholz) says senolytics have stronger effects in younger than older people. it makes sense - easier to to make interventions go where they are needed when cellular entropy is not too high.