The Efficacy and Safety of Β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) as Anti-Aging Supplement

The Efficacy and Safety of Β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) as Anti-Aging Supplementation in Healthy Middle-Aged and Older (40-65 Years Old) Adults: A Randomized, Multicenter, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group, Dose-Dependent Human Clinical Trial

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Posted: 11 Apr 2022

A quick Review at;


The biological age change was unimpressive, maxing out at -2.54% after 60 days. Much more impressive was the 50% increase in the distance of a six-minute walk:

The mean percentage increases of the distance walked in six minutes over baselines were -4.56%, 13.88%, 38.10%, and 31.48% at day 30 and 1.60%, 23.64%, 50.18%, and 48.4% at day 60 for placebo, 300mg, 600mg, and 900mg respectively.

It was a double-blinded but small study (80 total participants), so I take it with a grain of salt. Certainly the supplement is worth a try if you feel your energy level has declined a lot with age. I’m not there yet.


Who is going to finance a large study on a compound without a patent?

The study being done by Brad Stanfield, is costing $400,000.00{ that is the amount he is/has raised is raising, his budget.]

Joan Mannick Everolimus study was over $125 million.

The TAME study which involves 3,000 people/subjects is $90 million{the amount Nir Barzilai, has stated.]


Indeed, biological age result essentially meaningless…it takes several months for epigenetics to reprogram the methylome. (private communication with myDNAge…they recommend waiting 6 months). And there are some reproducibility issues with these first age DNA tests.

Haven’t bought into NMN.


I think this estimate is inaccurate (seems high), where did you get this number? ResTOR Bio only had a total funding of approx. $65 Million, and that funding when towards many things besides their clinical trial (e.g. corporate overhead, executive salaries, etc…)

But your point is still true - its very hard to get funding for the larger scale clinical trials on non-patented small molecules / generic drugs…


On the Lloyd Klickstein interview with Peter Attia. #118

Klickstein stated the cost.

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Brad Stanfield did a good critical review of this paper, concentrating on the major defect in the blinding (participants knew how many capsules they were taking, and it varied by dosage). Also, there were problems with: (1) how short were the distances initially walked, (2) how much the control group’s bioage changed during the study to be much older, (3) chronological age differences between the control group and intervention groups, (4) sponsorship by a branded NMN manufacturer.


I was interested in taking NMN for anti aging because I cannot take Rapamycin due to elevated glucose spikes . I was looking at Novos Boost NMN. but having watched your video on the trials , I agree, the trials were not conducted independently nor were they impressive.

I take NMN not for anti-aging but for an energy boost. Maybe it’s my biology, but NMN + TMG gives me a heck of a lot more energy and I don’t get fatigued as much as I did beforehand. I admit that my energy levels prior to taking thes supplements were on the low side. Others may be able to obtain the same results through physical exercise is my best guess.

Have you heard of Longeness? It is supposedly the next generation longevity formula . Since my glucose levels spiked after taking Rapamycin, I’m nervous to take any anti aging product, my glucose levels have not improved even though I have not taken Rapa for over z5 weeks

If you are willing to spend the money, I would get a CGM from AgingRX or levels (I’m sure there are others but you do need a doctors prescription). I have found that I can manage glucose spikes just by seeing how I react to various foods. I am still taking Metformin, which helps. It may allow you to feel comfortable going back on to rapamycin.

My HOMA-IR score was excellent, which could mean I am not insulin resistant. But I think that is mostly a result of a low body weight and eliminating all refined carbohydrates from my diet. If I eat a hamburger and french fries my blood sugar just skyrockets. So I bet I would not good do well on a glucose challenge test.

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Thank you for your response, very interesting. Did you have a blood sugar problem before taking Rapa?
I eat mostly organic fruit and veg, lots home grown by hydroponic , I rarely eat red meat and keep carbs to a minimum.
I am not overweight but I don’t exercise much other than I play golf . I really want to take Rapamycin but my glucose level is still high despite my efforts using Metformin and Curalin. I might get a CGM if my glucose levels don’t drop soon. Thank you again for your help


Yes high blood sugar has always been my main problem. I never reached the A-1 C threshold for prediabetes but at least 2 doctors thought that I was in that category nonetheless. First I eliminated sugar and refined foods from my diet. Then I went on a low carb diet. But it really never helped lower my blood sugar. I was using fingerpricks and there was never a time I was below 100 despite all the improvements to my diet.

I saw that some clinics and doctors were using water fasting to treat their patients with type 2 diabetes. I did a 3 1/2 day fast. My blood sugar stayed high until the last 12 hours. When I did a 5 day fast a month later, my blood sugar dropped fairly quickly and stayed low. I don’t think my body was ever switching from burning carbs to burning fat. The water fasts seemed to change that. They also helped me change my diet to a more whole food plant-based diet (anything taste good after a fast!).

I was never close to being overweight but my weight had plateaued at 165 or so, which was 5 to 10 pounds higher than I would like. Once my metabolism shifted I lost 30 pounds without trying. All of this was before I discovered Metformin and rapamycin. But I was attracted to a drug that mimics fasting because I felt it had helped me. My fasting glucose went from 96 in 2011 to 104 in 2016 to 120 in 2021. The last one was 79.

Thank you Razim
That is very interesting, my sugar was between 98 an 110 , I took Rapam for 5 weeks but had not checked my sugar but when I do, it had gone to 145 which was a real shock. I immediately stopped taking the Rapam and I have been watching everything I eat. I have increased my water intake recently hoping that will help. I took my sugar levels 3 days ago and it was 116 still too high. Is it the Metformin that has also helped you? What dosage and times do you take it?
It’s amazing that you lost 30lb , I’m sure that helps too.
I assume that the Rapamycin is not causing your blood sugar to spike anymore? I don’t think I could do a water fast , I really cannot afford to lose any weight .
Thank you and well done for getting your weight and sugar levels in a great place

Sorry Zazim
My spellcheck took over and misspelt your name

Piperine and curcumin are something to be considered in fighting blood glucose levels.
I hadn’t considered this before. My glucose levels are near the upper limits of normal. This is something I will test to see if it has any effect on my glucose levels.

Piperine is an interesting supplement and may even be an effective longevity supplement by itself.

“The curcuma group presented a significantly decreased glycaemia (p=.013), glycated haemoglobin (p=.015), HOMA index (p=.037) and triglycerides (TGs) (p=.002). The use
of piperine-added Curcuma longa L. was effective in the glycaemic and TG control of patients with type 2 diabetes.”

“Piperine has many pharmacological effects and several health benefits, especially against chronic diseases, such as reduction of insulin-resistance, anti-inflammatory effects, and improvement of hepatic steatosis.”

“Piperine: An Anticancer and Senostatic Drug”

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Thank you Desertshores for all that information, I had not heard of Pierine, very interesting . There seems to be a few supplements that may reduce glucose levels . I have a feeling my high blood sugar may be due to stress, in which case I will need to get my stress levels in order , I have been taking Curcumin for some time . I might have to get a blood monitor to test regularly, it’s certainly not my weight or diet causing high glucose levels. Thank you for your information, very helpful

I’m sure you have done your research on the best NMN , I usually buy my supplements from Life Extension, what brand NMN are you taking? I have looked at this supplement several times but held back because I take so many that I’m wondering if I am taking too many , I haven’t heard of TMG?

I find that L-theanine is a good stress reducer. My daughter swears by it.