The Efficacy and Safety of Β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) as Anti-Aging Supplement

Thank you , I have an Apollo but it makes me tired on Relax but it’s great for sleeping.
Thank you for your advice, I will definitely try it

Would you mind telling me the brand your daughter takes please

L-Theanine 200mg by Nature’s Trove - 120 Vegetarian Capsules from Amazon

Thank you :pray: I will definitely be getting some right now

@DeStrider, I agree NMN plus TMG gives me an energy boost. I take before my 4/5 days a week w/o. I’m blessed with excellent sleep, but a dose of NMN too late in the day impacts my slumber. I use DoNotAge. I appreciated their efficacy standards, as NMN can lose it’s potency if not properly handled. I have recently read that NAD supplementation (NMN) increases Homocysteine levels. Just an FYI.

@Deeinflorida @Terri56 I take DoNotAge NMN powder (750 mg daily). I find it much cheaper than buying the encapsulated ones. I mix it in a shot of EVOO along with my other fat-soluble supplements and drink it as a cocktail first thing in the morning. Glycine helps reduce homocysteine and methionine levels so that’s another reason to take TMG (Trimethyl Glycine) and Glycine powder. Glycine tastes like the sweetest powdered sugar you have ever tasted and it helps you live longer, it’s the perfect supplement! You need the methyl groups in TMG to support NMN or your body could deplete its methyl stores and therefore NMN stops giving you an energy boost.

NMN gives me a terrific energy boost (along with my coffee), and I can remain energetic from 5:30 am to 8 pm. I couldn’t do that before and would typically crash at around 4 pm. NMN gives me an extra 4 hours of quality energy a day!

I know that maybe I could duplicate this amount of energy if I went to the gym and worked out hard, so I am guessing that’s why many of the gym goers here do not notice the impact of taking NMN.

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DeStrider, I’m just a bit confused. Do you mean that you mix NMN with EVOO along with your fat-soluble supplements for convenience or because it, too, is fat soluble? For convenience makes sense, but I don’t believe NMN is fat-soluble.

I add my NMN to EVOO because I believe it helps with absorption. I tried the powder sublingually and just ingesting it with water. I found the EVOO Gabe it the largest effect.

I am now taking MNM pro health longevity powder with Resveratrol , I’m sure it is working already as I have energy all day :pray:

I take mine with a little pure first press virgin olive oil and yoghurt , not too bad tasting , I take it on an empty stomach furst thing, it seems to be working after 5 days of taking it

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I got the La’Theanine your daughter takes, I am taking one morning and one at night, I think it is helping, thank you

Same I also havent been convinced on NMN (for usage in younger or pre-middle age people). I believe it does work in older people after maybe 65 because their NAD becomes too low to be able to repair effectively, so its correcting a NAD deficit.
@EnrQay the main doubt I have with NMN usage in younger people is that the extra NAD will just go towards energy production and therefore not have any net repair benefit, it may even cause slightly more net wear.


I am 47, and yes, the NMN provides a lot of needed energy. Why do you think it may cause extra wear? What do you think is the downside?

Now look at Brad Stanfield’s latest video

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