The Current Cost of Anti-Aging Gene Therapy

Saw this on a recent email discussion list I am on. Rapamycin is the best longevity deal out there, and likely will be the best for the next decade or two…

Following our last GRG Zoom meeting I tried to follow up with regard to
the various gene therapies discussed. These included the gene therapies
for dementia, sarcopenia and telomere attrition.

The results were sobering. Costs range from $250 000 to $700 000, with
most of that money going to patent fees. Even medical tourism does not
reduce the price significantly.

The only light in the tunnel was that the AAV vectors go off-patent in
2023 and 2024. Does anybody know of any group planning to provide
cheaper gene therapies in the foreseeable future?

From this group, but website no longer maintained and email discussion group not very active:

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Has anyone tried Integrated Health System’s follistatin gene therapy? What does it cost? If effective, it would certainly increase healthspan, but the effect on lifespan is unknown. They also offer telomerase induction therapy, but I have no idea what that involves.

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