Taking Rapamycin through customs

Does anyone know if my American cousin can bring rapamycin through customs to the UK? I can get a prescription and buy it in the US if I get it sent to my cousin’s address in the US. But she would then have to bring it over to the UK on her next visit. Anyone know? Thanks

I don’t know about the UK specifically, but the worst that could happen is that they’d confiscate it, just as they could as it enters the US via post from India.
I live outside the US and get friends and family to bring prescriptions all the time + I carry things back and forth and while travelling around the world. Despite all the warnings one hears, I’ve never had customs question meds.
Take it out of the packaging, put it in a ziplock with other meds or cosmetics, and claim it’s for personal use.


Not sure I completely understand your question, but maybe you answer is here:


Exactly - seems like people are having success with this general approach. I’m not sure I’d go for 700 tablets in one shot, but people are doing it:


I’m amazed by this. Can you still buy rapamycin in any chemist in Turkey?

Generally unless you have a controlled drug you can import for personal use. I had an issue with an import of a largish quantity of melatonin which arose because it was a largeish quantity (it was, however, for personal use). This is only one import issue of many.

Sometimes they argue that 3 months quantity is personal use.

What I would say is that notwithstanding the activity of governments and legislatures it remains quite easy to buy molecules OTC in the UK and USA with which one can commit suicide. I will not say what they are, but for someone with the knowledge it is not hard.

Rapamycin is sold for transplant patients… so you’re probably not going to find it in smaller drug stores in small cities. In Istanbul, from what I’ve heard, you have to call around (ideally in advance of arriving there) to find a chemist that has stock. There are not that many transplant patients in Turkey, I suspect, so its not like buying azithromycin or some other readily available drug. But it is sold there and people are buying it there for longevity.