Supplements to Avoid Taking on Rapa Days

Do you avoid any taking supplements (or types of supplements, more broadly) to prevent potential interactions that may nullify rapamycin’s benefits on the days you take it and/or a few days after?

Or perhaps foods too?

E.g., I’m wondering about:

  • Taurine (can act as an anti-oxidant?)
  • Sulforaphane
  • Aged garlic extract
  • Vitamins (B, K2, D3) and magnesium

I take no meds or supplements on rapa day. Metformin is the exception to which i only take the 3 days around rapa. No conflicts and I get a chemical holiday.


See this thread where some of these issues are discussed: Rapamycin Interactions with Other Food, Drinks, Supplements and Drugs


I take D3, K2 and magnesium on rapa day, should I be concerned about that? (Also natto.) It’s spaced out (rapa in the morning everything else in the evening) fwiw.