Supplements that lower ApoB

I see some studies around lowering ApoB with various different supplements, although I’m not sure how current the science is.

Hesperidin (which i believe is found in Citrus Bergamot), Astaxanthin, Red Clover Extract, and Yerba Mate all have some studies showing a decrease in ApoB. On this forum I’ve seen mention of some others

Citrus bergamot
Psyllium Husk
French Marine Pine Bark Extract and Gotu Kola - combined/taken together

Does anyone have experience lowering ApoB with otc supplements?


Lots of LDL / APOB reducing supplements are identified in this thread - not sure if you’ve already gotten them all: Rapamycin and risk of cardiovascular disease

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I have tried many supplements to lower my cholesterol. Citrus Bergamot just works, and it works quick. I had total cholesterol of 270 a year ago, now it is 190.
Psyllium Husk lowers your blood pressure nicely. A year ago I was at 145-155 over 85. Now I am 115 over 75.
These supplements are cheap as chips with no or little side effects, so just try them out.


Great info. What brand of citrus bergamot do you use? I typically use Thorne or pure encapsulations but it doesn’t look like those companies have a citrus bergamot product.

For Citrus Bergamot I have used Jarrows Formula. For Psyllium Husk I use Now foods. Very reasonable price.

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What is your dosage for psyllium husk, please.

I only take 1 tablespoon before lunch. But I mix that with other things like collagen, MSM etc.(I use for bone/skin health)


I’m doing the same as @Goran, 1 tablespoon, I usually take mine in the morning though. I mix it with a little water and slam it down pretty quick or else it turns into a thick glue. One of the other guys on this forum does a teaspoon 3x/day I believe.

@Goran, @forceofnature.

Thank you.

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Is there a reason you are avoiding statins?

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I make either a porridge or coconut milk pudding with it.
If you don’t mind the consistency of a thick set custard it’s great especially if you throw some berries in and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon.
Best results to heat up all the other ingredients first in a saucepan and then stir in a heaped tablespoon as you take it off the heat. You must stir vigorously though to avoid one clump and the rest being liquid.


I stopped statins because I believe they take good brain fat (laymen’s term) as well as lowering your cholesterol. There was a study to be done w/70+ on statins, a cognitive assessment. Postponed still, I believe, since Covid.

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Not me. Was never prescribed a statin (BMI 18.9). My TC is 156. My interest in psyllium husk is Goran’s BP result.

Welcome to the site! But statins are really safe. In fact I’ve stopped with cholesterol lowering supplements because I believe statins are safer. Because there is more data with statins. I don’t want to take a random or a few random supplements, especially if they’re dirty drugs. (In pharmacology, a dirty drug is an informal term for drugs that may bind to many different molecular targets or receptors in the body, Wikipedia). And that for many decades. I don’t differentiate between supplements and drugs, the risk and benefit is what matters to me.


Side effects can vary between different statins, but common side effects include:

feeling sick.
feeling unusually tired or physically weak.
digestive system problems, such as constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion or farting.
muscle pain.
sleep problems.
low blood platelet count.


“Adverse effects of statins - mechanisms and consequences”

Do you require more reason as to why?

I was taking red yeast rice, but i was worried it was having some effects on memory through the pathway identified so i stopped. My LDL is below 2.5 at the moment anyway. Triglycerides are a tad high.

Most people do not have side effects from statins as far as I know.
Of course if you do, there are other medications and in the unlikely event that doesn’t work there are relatively weak supplements.

From the abstract in the paper you linked:

Although statins are generally well-tolerated, adverse effects may occur in some patients.



My view is;

Risk / Reward

I have no interest in the risk for the possibility of an unknown reward.

The benefit of cholesterol lowering is widely documented in excellent trials.
Speculative low-level evidence studies don’t concern me.
The quality of evidence matters, at least if you’re not a scientist researching this topic.
I understand if you don’t want to take statins if you get side effects. Like I said there are other drugs (and supplements, if those don’t work).


I don’t think my ApoB and LDL are so high that I need a statin. I brought my LDL down into the low 70’s a few years ago using psyllium husk and Amla. I wasn’t tracking ApoB at the time but I am now and my hope is to lower it as much as possible using supplements before I go the pharmaceutical route.

I recognize that statins play a role but there are downsides. There are studies showing increased coronary artery calcification with the use of statins. Some people develop memory loss and confusion.

On the pharmaceutical side I’m interested in MK-0616 an oral PCSK9 inhibitor which looks incredibly interesting.