Static Magnetic Fields Extend Lifespan and Healthspan of Mice

From full text:
“We examined the effects of an SMF exposure on the lifespan of the mice. We found that SMFs prolonged both of the mice’s median and maximum lifespan.”

Magnetic field generating mattress pads?

Static magnetic field exposure may improve sleep:

The cheapo version.

Same magnetic rating - 3,550 to 3,950 gauss.

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The more costly Magnetico pads go under the mattress and are designed to provide a uniform “downward” SMF. This is the type of field that provided the substantial increase in maximum lifespan. They contend on their website that their pads are different from lower priced competitors’ in this respect:

Even if a company promises a pure negative (-) field, if their instructions are to place the sleep pad on top of your bed, you will not receive a pure negative (-) field. The magnets may be facing negative (-) side up but you will still be exposed to positive (+) `spikes’ coming off the magnets.

They give more information here:

I read about this over 40 years ago in a book on anti-aging therapies. To the best of my knowledge, it was never brought operational. I’m not saying that I believe the story but it is interesting.

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