Startup Brings New Hope to the Pursuit of Reviving Frozen Bodies (Bloomberg)

Laura Deming started investing in human longevity as a teenager and, over the past decade or so, has become one of the most discerning investors in a field full of wild, overhyped ideas. Now she’s putting her venture capitalist hat to the side and wading into one of the more controversial areas of longevity technology as a founder of her own startup.

On Monday, Deming plans to unveil Cradle Healthcare Co., which she’s been running in secret for the past three years. The company’s focus is on trying to develop technology around reversible cryonics, placing people with illnesses into a frozen state and then reviving them at some stage in the future when cures for their ailments have arrived.

Full story: Startup Brings New Hope to the Pursuit of Reviving Frozen Bodies (Businessweek)

Cradle Healthcare website:

Milestone 1 Whitepaper (Cradle):

Cradle Problem Statement and Roadmap

See Laura Demings full announcement thread on twitter, starting here:


That’s good, no offense to anyone but with better cryonics technology maybe boomers won’t doom the zoomers with ASI because they are more desperate. So it might reduce different risks @AlexKChen

By ASI, you’re meaning “artificial super intelligence” or something else?

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Yes, that’s correct. The Alcor cryonics people in a video sounded desperate for AI capabilities research and most of them looked like they were in their 70’s.

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What does that even mean?

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Is the company trying to make money or help people? Not necessarily the same thing.

@KarlT Seems like the goal is to help people - and by having a big impact on a large problem then also make money as a secondary outcome that follows. (How would they make money if it their tech does not work?)

You can see the founders talk about their new advance here