Start of my Rapamycin and LDN journey

Around the middle of March, I took my first dose of Rapamycin (5mg). I have actually been meaning to post about it since then but for one reason and another, I have not yet got round to doing so.

I have decided that I will take 5mg on the first of each month. I therefore took my second dose on the 1st of May.

Before I took my first dose, I sent a sample of my blood to myDNAge. My chronological age is 53. According to myDNAge, my epigenetic age is 51. I plan to send another sample of my blood to myDNAge two weeks after my sixth dose of Rapamycin.

About two weeks ago, I also started taking LDN which I have compounded myself by dissolving a 50mg Naltrexone pill into a 20% aqueous solution of pure vegetable glycerine. (The pill was fully dissolved into the water before adding the glycerine.)

The Rapamycin pills are Biocon Rapacan 1 pills which I ordered from Oddway and the Naltrexone pills are Nodict which I ordered from Inhouse Pharmacy.

The Rapamycin pills taste rather strange. I am not sure how to describe it except to say that it is as if rusty iron has been mixed in with it. Does anyone else here have a similar experience with their Rapamycin?

So far the LDN has not made me feel any different and I am not getting any vivid dreams which are supposed to be a side affect of LDN.

To be honest, I am not 100% confident that either the Rapamycin or Naltrexone I have received are genuine. Does anyone here have any thoughts about this?

Does anyone here know of any labs in the UK to which I can send one each of the Rapamycin and Naltrexone pills I received in order to get them analysed?

Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome to the forums. We’ve done lab analysis on the Biocon sirolimus and its likely they are fine (the low dose you’re taking once per month is a dose at which you are unlikely to notice anything positive or negative I suspect). The results of the lab test are posted here: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

Approximately 50% of people taking rapamycin don’t notice anything positive or negative… which I don’t think is suprising… its not like most people “notice” aging on a weekly basis, so if its slowed down by 10% to 30% you probably won’t notice that either. You can review other people’s experiences with rapamycin in our surveys of our users here: Approximately 87% of Rapamycin Users Plan to Keep Using the Longevity Drug

Regarding the rapamycin taste issue you mentioned - we have had that reported once in the past, its very rare but some people seem to experience it. You can see the earlier discussion here: One Side Effect Not Many Talk About - Metallic Taste in Mouth

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Thank you, RapAdmin, very much for your informative reply.