Sleep apnea..anyone?

Wondering if anyone is suffering from sleep apnea, how you found out, how it was diagnosed and how it was treated?
Mostly wondering since I’ve been dealing with debilitating fatigue for years now. Even after sleeping for 8-10 hours I will still wake up feeling exhausted. As a mere example: I had a situation of missing my flight since I fell asleep for hours in the midst of the day on a crowded airport. It is affecting my quality of life.
However, when I fill in online ‘tests’ based on my low BMI, low neck circumference, age, low blood pressure, the fact I don’t wake up at night, never had any comments about snoring, I’m deemed at ‘low risk’ of having sleep apnea. I’d ask my GP for a referral, wouldn’t it be that I don’t expect a lot of it - it is difficult to get referrals here.

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Hi Sash, Have you tried NR or NMN for fatigue? I’ve taken NR (and TMG) for several years now and it helps with energy.

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Thanks Kandice, I had taken NR for years each day, and subsequently NMN for about 10 months. I’ve also tried it combined with TMG for a while (until I was worried TMG may increase methionine levels). Admittedly I never noticed any changes in energy levels. But I’m happy to hear it had such effects for you :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your input.

Have a full amount of vitamins during the day? D-Ribose is used for energy by every cell, & esp impt for heart health. Powder is best form for 5 grams daily.

Might also try some herbs, esp. Rhodiola, which is often used for energy. But other herbs, that are adaptogens, meaning they will help balance, such as Ashwagandha , Ginseng.

Sometimes some exercise before sleep – or if possible sauna – but hot bath may approximate.

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Doesn’t have to be sleep apnea, could be narcolepsy, and a sleep study or a trial of provigil would help to diagnose it.

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Thanks Mike, I appreciate your input. :slightly_smiling_face:
I had taken a multivitamin for quite a while, but unfortunately didn’t notice any effects when it comes to this fatigue. I stopped because of ‘issues’ with a lot of multivitamins. (Such as having high doses of vitamin A (there is a lot of vitamin A in my diet already), very high amounts of the B’s vitamins, copper, and/or alpha-tocopherol without tocotrienols, etc). Rather I started to measure my vitamin/mineral blood levels every now and then, and supplement where necessary (such as D3, B12, low dose zinc, mg, albeit the latter two looked great in blood tests also etc). I grow part of my food myself and my vitamin/mineral levels are usually good.

I’ve also taken (Panax) Ginseng supplements as well as Ashwagandha (KSM-66) for years. I have the not-so-good/unusual habit of exercising outdoors at night (given high daytime air pollution over here, and my suboptimal circadian rhythm). So commonly I exercise a few hours before going to bed, albeit I try to not exercise too intensely just before bed. I used to have an infrared sauna at home also. However I gave up on it and the past 8-9 months used an (infra)red panel after waking up to try to regulate my circadian rhythm - without much luck.

Thank you; I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:. You mentioned Provigil indeed. I have an appointment with my GP next week and will bring it up. I also called a sleep clinic today. As far as I was informed they start with an at home Pulse Oximetry Test - could this also potentially pick up narcolepsy? (I thought not?)

It could indicate sleep apnea if your O2 saturation drops at night.

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Just a few more questions / comments:

  1. The fatigue started recently? If so, any thing different diet or otherwise about then?
    I don’t think discussed on this site, but large amt of info re illness, such as fatigue, or even MS, following dental work a few weeks prior. Even without actual work, if one had common silver dental fillings as child, the metal breaks down after 20 - 30 years. There is no “required” need in human body for any amount of mercury. Worse, the body is not equipped to remove it, either from body, nor esp from brain. (I had my silver fillings removed about 20 years ago.)
  2. I assume you ruled-out the obvious:
    Long Covid; CFS; Lyme; etc.
  3. Unlikely you could take enough vit A nor Vit D from vits, diet, etc.

Bringing out other protocols:
CES, PEMF, massage, acupuncture, meditation, to mention a few.

When you see GP, ask about thyroid, iodine (my holistic MD recently mentioned, & put me on 100 mg iodine daily - check out the online info.)

Thanks Mike; no I’ve been dealing with this fatigue for years. At the time I had been under severe stress for a prolonged period, and systemic issues and a diagnosis with a rather serious disease followed. It’s a long story, but ultimately all symptoms resolved and my CRP-levels have been below 0.1 if I stick to my diet/exercise regimen. But the severe fatigue remained (albeit it seemed to lift initially when I started Rapa. So I’ve wondered if my dosing is off).

As to vitamin A, there is a difference between beta-carotene from foods (which I eat without limitations) and from supplements. As also discussed in studies, and here for example:

Sorry for lengthy period re fatigue. Every so often pharmas &/or their researchers, come out with study showing vits don’t work. However, I think maybe in recorded history there has been 1 or 2 deaths from vits, but the leading cause of deaths, even above cancers & heart disease, are medications – and their interactions.
Specifically re the Vit E & bet carotene, which as I recall used low doses of artificial vits, but more impt, Vit E has 4 components + 4 tocotrienols. Pharma almost always just tests Alpha-tocopherol, which holistic community has known for 20 years is dangerous, without the other parts, esp gamma tocopherol.

Thanks Mike. I’ve taken quite some supplements consistently over the years, so generally I don’t shy away from supplements. Indeed the potential issues of supplementing alpha-tocopherol in isolation has been discussed quite a bit. As mentioned above: the fact that most multi-vitamins here contain only alpha-tocopherol without the tocotrienols, is one of several reasons I stopped taking multi-vitamins.
Of course you’d want to avoid deficiencies, but imho: a chronic/permanent oversupply of bioactive vitamins/minerals may have different and potentially unknown effects versus getting vitamins/minerals from food or low dose supplementation. And imho: in many cases there is no research supporting the health benefits of such chronic over-supplementation. On the other hand I do think there are enough studies that indicate some caution may be warranted. I don’t have the time to cite all research I’d want to cite in detail, but only some links:

We obviously have fundamental disagreements, as I consider most of those studies, & hundreds of similar ones, worthless. Good luck in your search to resolve your health issues.


Sure, we can agree to disagree about this subject. I appreciate your input either way and will keep it in mind. Good luck to you also :slightly_smiling_face:.


I discovered I had sleep apnea from a number of clues:

  • My physician thought I should have it checked out based on my age and symptoms (but I never did)

  • I have on a couple of occasions awakened gasping for breath

  • I used to awaken several times during the night thinking I had to pee

  • If I lay flat on my back and let my throat relax, I can sense airway obstruction

  • I got a sleep wedge that angles my body so my head is at an angle and that fixed it. Just have to be sure not to roll into the wrong position.


Thanks CTStan, good to hear you found a solution. I’ll try to get a test done for a start, but also thought it couldn’t hurt to at least try changing position - I tend to sleep on my back.


How about dental appliances? There is some literature about dental appliances (similar to bite guards) for sleep apnea.

You are definitely right. But more and more studies are coming out about microplastics that have been found in different organs/tissues and blood, and the effects still seem quite uncertain. I used to wear a mouth guard against bruxism, but admittedly I’ve been a bit hesitant to keep wearing a silicone mouth guard day-in-day-out. Perhaps I’m being overly cautious?

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I never knew this was a “thing:” Mouth Taping During Sleep

And we’re called crazy for interest in Rapa?


Yeh, I tried them but couldnt sleep with them, plus they dried out my mouth. Seemed like a good idea at the time.