Sirolimus from India-safe? Works?

Has anyone bought rapamycin from this company in india?

I’ve not heard of that vendor, so nobody has posted about it in the past. You can either order from the groups that people have listed (and mentioned in the comments below) here: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

or you can try a new vendor like this one you’ve mentioned. If you do go for this one you mentioned, please post results (good or bad).

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I haven’t purchased rapamycin from them, but I’ve purchased other medications from them numerous times. They probably have the largest selection of non-scheduled medications of any vendor that doesn’t require a prescription. These one-stop shops are helpful when you want to buy small amounts of multiple medications and only pay for shipping once. And also you can use a credit card. With buy-pharma, after placing an order you’re asked to chat online with someone to verify your order.

For rapamycin, it’s less expensive to order a large amount from various vendors on Indiamart and pay through Wise. I use Kachhela Medex.

As a side note, I have a dedicated credit card for international purchases only. And I keep the card locked until I need to use it, and then lock it back up again as soon as the charge appears on the credit card app.