Sirolimus brand comparison

As expected and calculated, I contacted Pfizer and they told me Rapamune has a bioavailability of 17% and nano coating makes it more water soluble, their oral solution 14% and Biocon Rapacan told me their Rapamycin has an absorption rate of 15%.

There is only 2% difference and Rapamune is more water soluble. If you take Rapacan with fatty meal, it should be even more bioavailable. If we consider that Rapamune is 3 times more expensive, let’s do this:
Instead of taking, for example, 6mg Rapamune, which you absorb 1.02mg Sirolimus, take 7mg Rapacan and you absorb 1.05mg Sirolimus.

What do you think about this?



This is really good information and I applaud your efforts to actually contact the drug companies and get the details. This information is great to have.

Your assumptions and logic all seem very sound.

My only caveat would be that we still have close to zero understanding of what the optimal dosing for rapamycin in longevity for humans is, so putting too much consideration into whether its 6mg or 7mg, while helpful, perhaps is not the biggest issue we face :slight_smile:

We have quite a number of people here using rapamycin with grapefruit juice or grapefruit (whole) and seeing results of increased blood/sirolimus levels of anywhere from 0% (lots of store-purchased pasturized GFJ dont’ seem to increase bioavailability at all) to 500% or higher - so if someone is taking 3mg with GFJ they could be getting anywhere from 3mg to 15mg equivalent dosing.

But - for people who want to track closely their true rapamycin dosing, and its effect on their body, I think this is great info.

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you.

6mg was just an example.
I wanted to emphasize the idea that there is only 2% difference between Pfizer and Biocon while the price difference is more than 200%.


That’s an interesting comparison. Another large and mostly unknown factor is how individual the absorption rate is. According to at least one expert quoted on this forum, the absorption rate is highly variable by individual.

Get a snapshot of your level, peak and trough. This is the cheapest test I’ve seen. I’m trying it soon since it has been about 8 months since I have tested and I have a new brand, Biocon, now:


May I ask you which brand have you been using for 8 months?

Please update us when you test Biocon Rapacan.

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May I ask you which brand have you been using for 8 months?

Sirokem from Kachhela Medex

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This is random, but does anyone have experience with compounded Sirolimus in a rectal suppository form? It appears that the gastric route for compounded Sirolimus does not get absorbed and why most suggest using the commercially prepared nano coating.