Inexpensive Serum Blood Test for Rapamycin

I saw this on Reddit and figured some of you may be interested. You can get a blood serum test for rapamycin for $59. Pretty cheap way to get peace of mind about product authenticity.


Wow, good find. I like the website.

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I bought the test on that site for $64 (they add a $5 fee). It didn’t require a $250 consult fee.


Did they give you a form that can be brought to any Labcorp Site. NY has laws that sometimes screw this type of thing up.

After completing checkout it displays a message that the back office will generate the form within two days.

I’d appreciate it if you would let me know when you get it,

tdecicco7, they sent me the lab order today

elixir, Thanks for posting the Marek Health link. Some of the blood test prices look very good. Have you completed your blood test at LabCorp yet?

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Jay, I haven’t yet as I’m waiting for my first shipment to arrive from India. I’m only planning on checking peak for now, just so I know the product is authentic.


I tried out the Marek blood test site. I ordered a few odd tests (lipid panel, C-reactive protein, A1C). I have already received my requisition, had my blood drawn and received my test results. I highly recommend this service. They have extremely low prices and are particularly valuable to people like myself living in NY and a couple of other states which have restrictions on self ordering of blood tests. I believe their requisitions show tests ordered by a doctor which permits it being filled in NY and other restrictive states.


What’s your plan on timing for peak measurement?

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I using that term peak really loosely. I’m only planning making it to the lab a few hours after taking the rapa with a meal.

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That works. This week… I did my trough blood draw at 10 am for LabCorp Sirolimus check and then after took my 6mg and a cup of fresh grapefruit juice and went back 1 1/2 hours later and did a second blood draw for LabCorp to get an approx. t-max number. Did this 4 months ago too. I should have a pretty good indication of what is happening in dose. Will post next week.

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Labcorp blood draw results from a few weeks ago

My trough .7 and then1.5 hours after dose t-max peak 38.1 ng/mL
FYI - 6 oz. of Grapefruit Juice taken with pills gives me a 6 + multiplication of the dose.

Results at trough before taking Rapamycin dose.

Results 1.5 hours after taking 6 mg Rapamycin with 6 oz. of fresh squeezed red grapefruit.


Interesting that the Marek test is still fulfilled by LabCorp where I had my only test so far. I’m going to do it.


Thank you for your purchase!

Please allow 1-2 business days for your requisition to be created.

Once our Team has finished creating your order, you’ll receive an email containing a recommended LabCorp location, instructions for the day of the blood draw, and a copy of your requisition.

Thank you for your patience and for choosing Marek Health.

Subtotal $64.00

Shipping $0.00
Taxes $0.00

Total $64.00 USD 35 W. Huron St

Suite #1000

Pontiac, MI 48342 1 (877) 572 2582


Shortly after discovering this thread, I started testing and have done 5 so far (2 results still pending).

I did first one 7 days after a 22mg dose (I usually do 7 mg weekly but happened to be playing with a much higher dose when I discovered test), and it came back with a reading of 1.3, below the reference range of 3.0-20.

The next one I did 90 min after taking a 10 mg dose and came back with only 11.2, followed by a reading of 4.3 from a test only 48 hours later, implying my personal metabolization half-life of only 17.8 hours!

I took one 48 hours after the 4.3 reading test that’s still pending but presumably low, and just took my 5th test an hour ago, 90 min after another 10 mg dose but this time with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, so we’ll see how that goes…


You wrote: Just took my 5th test an hour ago, 90 min after another 10 mg dose - you should be at the 30 ng/mL even at a conservative guess. If less than that - I might wonder about your rapamycin concentration. 10 mg and fresh GFJ - after 90 minutes - I would easily hit 60+ ng/mL.

We’ll see, I’ll let you know next week!

My rapa is legit US Rx from Dr. Green, so wouldn’t think that’s the problem.

Is there a difference between the generic small white 1 mg round pills and the larger triangle white branded (Rapamune I think?) in terms of absorption? Sometimes I get one from the pharmacy and sometimes the other…

these tests all on the generic.

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Yes – I think the triangular (beige red RD 54 number) - like mine have a very hard shell so get more absorption - past the stomach acids.

I crush my pills sometimes for a hair tonic and it is almost undisolvable even with DSMO. LOL

Mine is USA pharmacuetical.