Short chain fatty acids prime colorectal cancer cells to activate antitumor immunity

SCFAs are produced in higher quantities by Acarbose usage.


The larger message is a healthy gut microbiome is good for you. A healthy gut microbiome makes more SCFA. A diet with lots of fiber, resistant starch and phytonutrients encourages more good bugs to out compete bad bugs in the gut. Acarbose may help with gut microbiome composition (presumably by sending more food into the bowel for the bugs to eat). Eating celery is also good for you.


So we should eat more :butter: :smiley:


Jerusalem artichoke. My attempt at increasing SCFA. As I read about it, it seemed like a cheat code because it is mostly fructoligosaccharides (sp). Also a complete protein. I’ve eaten a few and they are delicious and a little like a water chestnut. Best in salad.

Grows like crazy. I put them by the road because gravel roads send a cloud of dust every time somebody drives by. These guys were supposed to slow that down.