Shipping Rapamycin pills from India - advice needed


I have a friend in India that bought for me the Pfizer Rapamune Sirolimus Tablets and when he tried to ship it they told him he need to have a prescription. I am trying to ship it to the Dominican Republic.

Anyone can maybe advise if it’s possible to ship it without prescription ? How do you fill out the import form ?

Thank you in advance!!

Usually shipping by speedpost EMS does not require a prescription.

But that works well in usa and canada, etc. I am not sure for your country. Sometimes i get shipments from india simply identified as personal Healthcare products.

Thank you very much!

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So - can you please share what the price was in India (in Rupees) for the Pfizer Rapamune Sirolimus Tablets you purchased? I’m curious.

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Hey, sorry for the slow response. So my mistake, it was not Pfizer but the Biocon and it was 500 Rupees for a stripe of 10.

Is that possible or it can be fake ? He got it from a pharmacy that he contacted from Indiamart…

Is there a way for me to check when I receive it if it’s legit ?



Thats in the right price range - 500 rupees for 10 X 1 mg Biocon tablets works out to $6 US for the 10 tablets (which is a good price - typically a little higher - $7 to $10 US, but depends on pharmacy). It should be fine.

What vendor did he go with? See our list of reliable vendors: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

Here are some recent price quotes for similar medications: Rapamycin (& Other Longevity Drug) Pricing Quotes Wiki

Ok great. I don’t know what vendor he went with, it’s actually an employee of my friend… I will try to find out.

Thanks again for the info and the help! It will be my first time start taking it so looking forward to see how it goes :slight_smile:

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