Senolytic Therapy: What are you doing?

So Steve_C what is your exact Protocol?

And can you provide link to the Quercetin you use?

I use “regular” Quercetin but in my little formula there are a number of bio-availability enhancers. So it’s a bit more complicated than just Quercetin.

There are 9 compounds in our formula, all to enhance the performance of the 2 key compounds, Quercetin and Fisetin.

One could always purchase the brand used in the successful trials, Thorne.

Also I’d be happy to offer anyone on this forum a discount off our product of 80%

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I modelled it on the protocol used in the 2 clinical trials but taking into consideration we are not using Dasatinib.

Depending on age and how long a person has been clearing their senescent cell, it could be 1 cycle per year or up to 4 cycles per year. We do 4 per year and have done so since 2019.

1 cycle = is 4 weeks of 3 days on, 4 days off. It’s a very high volume of compounds with a relatively short half-life. This leads to 3 times per day consuming the formula. By doing this it helps to keep the blood plasma levels of the compounds “high” for longer over the 3 day period.

So the formula and protocol are a bit more and a bit longer :slight_smile:

We do use both Quercetin and Fisetin in our product. It’s a combination type of concept. We know that Q is not the best senolytic, we know that Fisetin is “better” but we also know that those polyphenols are not very bio-available.

My dev process has always been to look at the weaknesses/deficiencies and find ways to overcome those. And at the same time, look for synergistic opportunities.

My background is more hardware oriented but the same principles applied when I was developing medical devices.

can you provide a link?

How did you decide on 6 grams?

I decided on 6 g of taurine daily after watching the video guide on Taurine (see link below). The author later updated his recommendation to be a number of grams equal to your age/10. So, I’ve reduced my intake to 4 g daily.


Meanwhile, Unity is moving ahead with their senolytic therapy in a new clinical trial. If you know anyone with this eye condition - send them the information for to enroll:

Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Repeat Intravitreal Injections of Foselutoclax (UBX1325) in Patients With DME (ASPIRE)