Scientists Find Microplastics In Every Human Placenta Tested For New Study


And lifespan continues to increase.

Honestly, there’s not much we can do about it if it’s that prevalent. Fortunately, it also seems to be harmless. Who knows.

It’s good to be aware of, but I doubt anyone will try solving the problem unless there is a dire consequence.

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The above is Your take.

Just like lead was sold as perfect safe.

The reality of lead after the fact:

I completely agree that lead is not good.

However, I am curious what you think can be done regarding microplastics?

The only solution I can think of is to ban plastics altogether.

Microplastics infiltrate all systems of body, cause behavioral changes

”Neuroscience, Pharmacy Professor Jaime Ross’ study finds ‘widespread’ infiltration, potential for serious health consequences, including Alzheimer’s. […] The study mice began to move and behave peculiarly, exhibiting behaviors akin to dementia in humans. The results were even more profound in older animals.

“To us, this was striking. These were not high doses of microplastics, but in only a short period of time, we saw these changes,” Ross said.”


Is there anything practical we can do to avoid or expunge microplastics?