Scientists Discover That Taurine Promotes Anti-Aging

I will concur that when I sleep on my left side…my stomach is calm, however, when I sleep on the right side. I belch big and deep easily. Literally as soon as I flip…belch.

The difference is pretty dramatic.


Could it be that it is because your liver and gallbladder is on your right side?

Lower esophageal sphincter is pressured ( by acid )when sleeping on the right side and acid tends to go “up” if you have low acid and lower esophageal sphincter is not fully closed.


I have mild heart failure and I can’t sleep on my left side (I literally choke).


Does anyone have a clue on whether carnosine supplementation jacks down serum taurine? And whether it can offset a low beta alanine level?

As mentioned by Curious, beta-alanine competes with taurine, sharing the same transporter. And vice-versa. My beta-alanine, already low before, suffered when I started taurine supplementation.

It is carnosine, not its amino-acid precursor beta-alanine, that directly provides possible large benefits. Carnosine has a different transporter so no competition with taurine. But how much carnosine from supplementation is absorbed directly vs broken down to its amino-acids - thus competing with taurine - before getting reconverted to carnisine? Hard to find data on.

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A starting point.

“Carnosine and taurine treatments diminished brain oxidative stress and apoptosis in D-galactose aging model”

“L-Carnosine and Taurine Supplementation Attenuates the Intensity of Diabetes in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Male Albino Rats”

l-Carnosine and Taurine Supplementation Attenuates the Intensity of Diabetes in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Male Albino Rats | SpringerLink?

The link below is a seller/supplier of carnosine, has some good information.

I do no have any interest in carnosn.


The answer to my question whether carnosine supplementation is absorbed or broken down into its amino acids is indicated in the following LEF statement on carnosine, linked by Joseph:

“Carnosine** is an amino acid compound found primarily in red meat. A typical red meat meal may provide 250 mg of carnosine, but this is quickly degraded in the body by the carnosinase enzyme. What this means is that even if a person relied on red meat for their carnosine, it would not last long enough in the body to provide sustained protective effects. Supplementation with 1,000 mg a day of carnosine overwhelms the carnosinase enzyme, thus enabling one to maintain consistent blood levels of this critical nutrient”.

I will try to find the evidence for the last sentence in a scientific article, but in the meantime. I will presume it is correct. That it is, is indicated by various research articles showing beneficial effects of high-dose carnosine supplementation, albeit mainly in lab and animal studies. It seems that if the dose is high enough, carnosine will be absorbed by the cells without break-down.

I will continue with taurine supplementation, search for the best carnosine supp, and not worry about my low beta-analine number.


Take a minimum of 1,000mg a day of carnosine if you want a consistent blood level.

And review;


Joseph: Whilst carnosine is most impressive in lab studies, sadly this does not seem to be the case for humans, at least for the brain. The abstracts for a bunch of clinical studies relating to neurology appear most promising. But a dive into the tables on the changes in the individuals after carnosine supplementation show weak or inconclusive data in each case. Maybe it´s a fault of the studies not being long enough to create the sought improvements.

Anyway, I will go for carnosine. My serum beta-alanine is close to the lowest point of the reference range. Which should mean that carnosine is low as well and bumping it up can only be a good thing.

Maybe the overwhelming of the carnosinase enzyme that I brought up isn´t crucial. If not directly absorbed, carnosine is quickly cleaved by carnosinase inte beta-alanine and histadine, and then formed back into carnosine through carnosine synthetase. If the latter is effective a high dose is not necessary for absorption. I will start with a 500 g dose.

Shamelessly plagiarizing from a Blagosklonny paper.

“If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late.”

~Seth Godin

I am not the waiting type.

The same is said of “rapamycin” extending " human lifespan.

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