Rich Roll Podcast on Longevity and Rapamycin

I’ve not followed / listened to this guy or his podcasts before - anyone have any opinions? If someone noticed when he posts his podcast covering rapamycin, please post here in this thread.

He sounds like more of a motivational speaker than necessarily a great source of science-based information (though he has some good scientists on his podcast), but I will check out his podcasts now that I know he’s going to cover rapamycin.

Rich Roll

A graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School, Rich is a 50-year old, accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney turned full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, popular public speaker, husband, father of 4 and inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of courageous and healthy living.

At age 40, and after years of struggling with drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy living, Rich dedicated his diet to plants and his body to purposeful action. Just two years later, he began clocking top finishes at Ultraman World Championships and leading a community of others looking to transform their lives.

Ultra endurance athlete, bestselling author of FINDING ULTRA & host of THE RICH ROLL PODCAST. Run far, talk long. One Love

He’s covering Rapamycin soon he tells me:

Rich Roll Book:

I’ve watched a couple of long interviews with him. Obviously smart, but no special training in longevity that I know. Seems to be a true convert to vegetarianism (veganism?) and comes off as a guru type of podcaster. I won’t be listening.

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