Reverse Gray Hair, Hair Repigmentation

Thanks! But if this works, I may need to save it for future batches.

Who did you order from

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You should try 2 formulations, one with one without the minoxidil for each side of your face.

I’m trying out tacrolimus ointment on one side and waiting for my minoxidil which I will take orally…

The point about Grey hair and baldness is that it links in to the body’s systems of aging. Some people are more likely to go bald, but within anyone’s particular systems if the balding and depigmentation is reversed in a manner which affects all the cells then one should consider that many problems of aging are being resolved such as reversing senescence.

@RapAdmin in your convo with Dr. Weinstein did he mention how long it took to start seeing repigmentation results?

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Sorry - I did not think to ask him that, and we didn’t cover it at all. It seems like a 6 month trial would be reasonable to see results, but I have no data to back that up.


Makes sense.

I do plan on trying this but I’m absolutely clueless on how to mix these concoctions as I’ve never done anything of the sort.

If it could reduce my greys to what they were 3 or 4 years ago I’d be a happy camper

I hear you. I’ve never been much of a compounding pharmacist myself… .so it was all new to me. But its actually pretty easy. The instructions in the DIY Rapamycin Skin Cream is a good overall guide, but replace the Olay / Cetaphil, etc. with some other head/hair/scalp friendly compound. If your head is not too sensitive, then just the regular minoxidil liquid would work as a base, or if you’re like me with a more sensitive scalp, perhaps higher levels of transcutol, and some other scalp friendly topical liquid - like the Yerba Santa (eriodictyon angustifolium) mentioned above. I’ll get to this in a few months and will fully document it if nobody else has by then.

see: DIY Rapamycin skin cream


Thank you for this. I do get the occasional scalp sensitivity so I’ll probably do that.

I will take a look and touch base with any questions.

Would hate to have it not work only because I didn’t mix it the right way.

Has anyone tried this formulation ? What were the results ?
@RapAdmin what is your plan about the dosage and frequency of usage ?

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To piggyback off the last question, how will you be applying it? Rubbing in it? Spraying it via spray bottle?

Also, as someone who’s never used anything like this, any idea how it might affect the hair? Will it mat it down? Or will you just spray it in and it’ll look normal?

Asking because if you need to do it twice a day, you don’t wanna walk around with your hair looking strange during the day.

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