Resveratrol and pterostilbene: A comparative overview of their chemistry, biosynthesis

Attached is a PDF copy of the paper.

2952_pdf.pdf (637.0 KB)


Lol this is just trolling now.

At least keep it to a single thread. Perhaps one entitled ‘Expensive Placebos’?

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That’s exactly what Resveratrol is, Placebo.
25 years of extensive trials and tests, and still there is no clear indication on what it is good for. One result after the other can not be replicated in other labs. No consistency what so ever on this molecule.


As the paper notes, there is very promising research on pterostilbene but it needs to be confirmed by larger studies. It compares pterostilbene very favorably to resveratrol, and it is often more effective. And it is much cheaper.


EnrQay attached is another paper on pterostilbene.

Lin 2020 - Occurrence, Bioavailability, Anti-inflammatory, and Anticancer Effects of Pterostilbene.pdf (5.0 MB)

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Lol prestigious journal that one…

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