Recommend a Rapamycin analysis lab?

Bought some Rapamycin in China.
Does anybody know a lab i can send it to?
Preferable in the EU.

Hi Dirk, welcome to the website. Thats a difficult issue… I searched around in the USA on this issue 2 or 3 years ago and could never find a lab that was under $750 for the analysis. There is one person here who has found a low-cost analysis lab in Canada… let me find the post. I recommend you contact the poster and perhaps ship the stuff to Canada…

Here - I think @MAC might have the info you need - I recall the price was a few hundred dollars I think. See the following discussion: Chinese Rapamycin Powder Lab Analysis

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Glad to help. You can mail me a tiny sample in a letter envelope, little chance of being stopped. You can factor in your payment transfer fee, but very likely far cheaper than having it tested in the EU.

PM me we can discuss details offline.