Rapamycin User Poll / Survey - Please Respond

You can also frequently get it from your GP. I used to get it at Kaiser - they had no problem prescribing it to anyone who asked for it (though they did not “cover it” if you didn’t have diabetes).

The cost was very low - about $11 for a 90 day supply of the Extended Release version 500mg, I think twice a day, 180 tablets.

This is the least expensive I have found. $5.70 for 90 500 MG. But I don’t have a prescription so I am paying $25 to AgelessRx.


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Juvenescence is so expensive and I don’t really think it works much better than the salts. Though I do get a little buzz when I take it, that’s not really worth it. I checked my urine for BHB,(keto strips) and didn’t have any. WTF. Is it making something else? I don’t know what’s going on there.

We’re in the middle of harvest here so I don’t see the computer till I get home late. Usually.

I think my doc will prescribe for me if I ask after harvest, otherwise I may try the low dose of Empagliflosin. Thanks though!

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I’m thinking of approaching him again. It’s frustrating because there’s little downside and as I’ve said before, conventional medicine really has nothing for him.

That’s a shame.

When I printed out articles on rapamycin some years ago, my physician was persuaded by it and wrote me a prescription. While my doc may not have been representative, you could try printing out the most relevant studies.

You could draft a letter for your friend to his physician with a request to be included in clinical trials of senolytics for pulmonary fibrosis.

Or you could do the research (clinicaltrials.gov)

Not long ago, they were recruiting for an IPF study using D&Q (NCT028749819) and there are probably others.

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I thought I read somewhere, it’s better to take Rap in am because it could effect sleep. I sleep a little better after taking in am. Still not through the night. I suspect I’m at too low of dose for my “wants”.

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Yes, there is a much higher rate of sleep disruption if you take rapamycin in the afternoon vs breakfast time. But the impacts vary by individual.

I sleep well if i take it in the morning, but could not fall asleep until 4am once when i took it late evening.


Interesting how it affects different people in different ways.
I noticed I become very alert/focused after around 12 hours post taking Rapa. Having been taking it when I awoke in the morning I figured why waste the enhanced alertness/focus during the next sleeping time. So I switched to taking it just before I go to sleep and no effect on my night time sleeping.
Incidentally, did this just before getting on a transatlantic night flight, actually slept on an aircraft for the first time in my life with 3 hours of sleep, and full of energy during that following day with no jet-lag at all !!


A relative of mine was diagnosed with lung fibrosis, maybe bc of asbestos. She is still get ring tests done.
I’m now researching about potent senolytics and about what rapamycin can do for her.

I saw a post about this topic from last summer. So if you have any information, I’d be thankful.

The Mayo Clinic tested dasatinib with quercetin for pulmonary fibrosis. Would that have a positive effect on lung fibrosis? In my friends case, a doctor I knew in town was willing to consider treating him. The problem was and still is, my friend won’t consider anything out of mainstream medicine.


This poll was/is very helpful…thanks for doing it…!! It gives more more substance and credibility to the claim that when rapamycin is taken episodically (once weekly) there are only minor side effects compared to substantial positive health benefits.

However, I frequently tell people, rapamycin is not a quick fix or a “cure” for anything. When a person starts taking rapamycin, every cell in the body starts working better…and gradually, day-by-day, small improvements are made. Often there are no noticeable effects of slowing down the process of biological aging. The “noticeable” effect is that you remain healthy, energetic and strong…compared to many of your peers who are increasingly showing the effects of biological aging.


I read an article about you! great details!

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I’m considering rapamycin and I’d be really curious to know how many people on this site are on it. Any ideas?

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Side effect not listed here: trigger finger, trigger toes.

Hi - hard to tell exactly. We’ve had around 225 at this time who have responded to this poll here (but we don’t still publicize it), and there were around 330 that participated in the U. Washington Study - but most people don’t respond to surveys…

See: Rapamycin User Poll / Survey - Please Respond

See: Evaluation of Off-label Rapamycin use to Promote Healthspan in 333 Adults (New Paper)


@springchicken_PharmD welcome, this is a fabulous place to be. I see you are on metformin; for how long? What made you decide to be on it? what is the effect so far? Thanks